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What drew you to Motability Operations?

Motability Operations is fantastic; it’s a really high quality organisation with fiercely competent people. Its business model is unique as it blends the best of a social enterprise with the large scale of a company that rivals many in the corporate sector.

What this means for employees is a very interesting perspective to work from, along with the challenges and support you would expect from a company of this size. If you’re thinking of working at Motability Operations then you’re on the first step towards a first class career. My first work placement was in the Management Information and Forecasting team within the Customer Services division, which has been fortunate to win several industry awards. This year I have been given my own project to work on in the Vehicle Remarketing division.

Placements to date: Management Information and Forecasting, Vehicle Remarketing

What advice or top tips would you offer?

The programme certainly gets my approval and I would encourage you to apply. You will benefit from having access to a range of amazing people and learning opportunities. You will supplement your academic knowledge from university with practical experience that is immensely valuable to your personal and professional development.

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Vehicle Remarketing

Degree / Previous: BA in Management Studies from Nottingham University

Year Joined / Path : N/A