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We help progressive employers realise the possibilities of hiring people with disabilities.

This wasn’t simply a question of being fair and inclusive; it was (and still is) about working with employers to ensure that they don’t miss out on a huge talent pool by opening up their recruitment process, and becoming disability confident in all aspects of hiring and employment. After working with the UK’s top graduate employers and recruiters, Helen realised that there was a need to provide talented graduates with disabilities with the connections, job opportunities and advice to enable them to confidently navigate the recruitment process at these organisations. Thus in 2013, the idea for a disability focused graduate careers website was born!

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I don't believe I am any more special than anyone else. But I do believe my disability has given me something extra.

Helen Cooke, Director of MyPlus

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We have over 60 university partners and work with 30+ graduate employers in the UK.

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Helen Cooke

Director of MyPlus and Founder of the MyPlus Students’ Club

Emma Knox

Business and University Marketing Manager; MyPlus Students’ Club

Jo Metcalf

Content and Marketing Manager; MyPlus Students’ Club

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“Connecting with recruiters that dealt with reasonable adjustments gave me the confidence to be open, it truly levelled the playing field.”

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