MyPlus has been empowering students and graduates with disabilities to find rewarding careers since 2013. If you have a disability or long-term condition* why not take a look at what we have to offer? 

Joining the club for free unlocks everything from our job board for disability confident employers, to our accessible events and our collection of resources designed to help you successfully find the career you want to have.

We think what we have to offer is incredibly valuable in terms of supporting individuals and enriching the workplace with people of all strengths and abilities, however don’t just take our word for it! Read below for quotes from our members who’ve seen a real impact on their job searches through our Students’ Club.

*Disability includes but is not limited to: visual and hearing impairments, mobility impairments, autism, diabetes, epilepsy, dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health conditions, speech impairments and major illnesses such as cancer and MS

Why we Do What we Do

Future You has been extremely motivating for me, in particular the firms have been truly inclusive and supportive. Filippo, UCL

I don't think I would've had the career I have had, including working for Barclays, UBS and PwC, if I hadn't found MyPlus Students’ Club & your events. A big thank you! Edward, Ares Management

Attending Explore the Law changed my whole perspective on being transparent in applications and has reflected positively for me, so much so that I have been successful in achieving a Training Contract. Careers Event Attendee

Thank you! I really needed this webinar on my disability, my plus. It’s eased a lot of my concerns. Alycia, University of Manchester

It was great to hear from disabled professionals and to hear what adjustments workplaces were able to make for their employees. It made me confident that I could pursue a career in commercial law. Careers Event Attendee

Without hesitation I’d recommend the MyPlus Students’ Club to any disabled student. MyPlus has given me the chance to be put on a level playing field. I no longer feel like I’m disadvantaged. Isaac, Oxford Brookes

It was really reassuring that people can have fantastic careers regardless of disabilities. Careers Event Attendee

It felt so great to not be alone in this career. My disability has always been treated like a limitation, so to see and chat to so many amazing people that are thriving in my dream career was amazing and such a boost for my confidence. Careers Event Attendee

I felt incredibly alone in my journey to achieving a position at a bank while living with a disability. After hearing about all of the support that these firms provide, I can now confidently apply, interview, and work for one of these institutions without hesitation. Careers Event Attendee

I would definitely recommend joining the club. The advice and connections I’ve made through the club were a huge help in landing my dream job. Student, University of Law, Bloomsbury

The MyPlus website has a plethora of brilliant resources giving advice to disabled students as they look to apply for jobs. Isaac, Oxford Brookes

Excellent experience and gave me motivation to apply to some firms I initially didn’t think about. Emilia, University of Law

It was empowering to hear from a disabled lawyer, an often-underrepresented voice present at other graduate events. Chloe, University of York

The best event that I have ever attended! Holly, University of Edinburgh

I felt it was useful in terms of the practical knowledge of applying to law firms, but it could definitely improve in its diversity of both disabilities and racial groups included in the representatives. Bhamini, University of Leicester

It was brilliant and provided unique insight. Helen, University of Lancaster

I didn’t understand that the world could be my oyster until now. Mia, University of York

Living with a disability is a testimony to your strength and my limitations are maps to new possibilities and opportunities. Ange, The Open University

Very insightful and unique experience that helped demystify the process of attaining a career in law when you have a disability. Kelsey, University of York

A great opportunity to mix with peers. Paige, Liverpool John Moore's University

It was useful to hear about various accommodations implemented by disability confident employers as it resonates with your questions and gives you clarity on the ground reality at organisations. Akshitha, University of Kent

A fantastic ‘must attend’ opportunity. I met inspiring role models and cultivated important networks with students and disability-friendly firms! Nikhil, University of Nottingham

The event completely changed the way I think about my disability in the workplace. It has helped me to start developing my skills and understanding of how to advocate for myself in a professional work environment. Helen, University of Lancaster

Thank you for the opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. I would love to attend more events like this. Mickheal-Dean, Birkbeck, University of London

I would definitely recommend MyPlus Students' club. It’s a fantastic place to get information and advice, and connect to leading graduate employers. Emma Acheson-Gray

It was really helpful and insightful. Esther, Birmingham City University

It was well created. Thomas, University of Strathclyde

It was particularly helpful to have the opportunity to challenge employers on how they are doing their part to support disabled candidates and staff. Mia, University of Law

Incredibly insightful, motivational, great opportunity to hear from firms directly and develop one’s own disability confidence in the workplace. Hala, University of Kent

I would love to participate in more of these sessions. Akshitha, University of Kent

Hearing that there are people in the profession who look and sound like me was motivating, reassuring and inspiring. Nikhil, University of Nottingham

The Investing in Talent event opened my eyes to career options that I had not previously felt able to pursue. Max, University of Warwick

Finally getting to hear from disabled and neurodivergent people at top investment and banking firms which are usually not showcased at graduate events. Chloe, University of York

I got useful insights from this event which I didn't know before. Now, I'm more confident and authentic about myself than ever before. Thank you for the support and for making it smooth and accessible for me. Mickheal-Dean, Birkbeck, University of London

It was a wonderful event and met a lot of people from big companies. It was nice getting to know their own story which will be helpful for us in future. Ayesha, University of Hertfordshire

The event was extremely useful in empowering students with disabilities by demonstrating in practice that disabilities are not a barrier to our success. Tatiana, QMUL

I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Explore the Law’ event. I especially enjoyed networking with the law firms as well as my peers and have made and developed many professional and personal relationships. Nikhil, University of Nottingham

Empowerment is the key to success. Akshitha, University of Kent

It is inspiring to be surrounded by employers with shared experiences while being more advanced in their professional careers. They displayed conviction, and my advice it to be confident and own your disability. Elijah, Warwick Business School

I think it was a fantastic opportunity to hear from firms and employees on what having a disability in the workplace looks like, as well as receive support and guidance on approaching a disability in the workplace. Nad, KCL

I thought the whole day was excellent...The main benefit was learning that a career in law at an elite city firm is (increasingly) viable for someone on the autism spectrum. Jake, Cambridge University

I got some valuable insights and inspiration from experienced professionals which helped me to be authentic and open about my situation. Dean, Birkbeck, University of London

Enjoyed the experience and opportunity to network. Looking forward to more of these. Akshitha, University of Kent

You can make a change when you go through an uncomfortable situation. It is the only way we can grow. It is important to be honest with employers that way we can grow professionally. Ayesha, University of Hertfordshire

It was extremely useful to hear about personal experience of employees with disabilities. Tatiana, QMUL

It was great to hear from people who were in the same position as me a number of years ago and this was empowering to hear of their success. Elliot, Durham University

This informative and insightful event paved the way for an ambitious career. Mickheal-Dean, Birkbeck, University of London

On a daily basis, I almost never hear from professionals with disabilities. Having these discussions made me realise that I can work in these great companies too. In general, it's great to have inspiration and a role model. Marius, University of Westminster

I really enjoyed Explore the Law and found it extremely useful. I've been a lot more confident asking firms questions about disability inclusion and adjustments during law fairs and it's really helped me to get a better idea of where to apply. Mia, University of Law

Unexpectedly, genuinely, brilliant. Jake, Cambridge University

The website is welcoming, vibrant and easy to navigate. I am impressed by the number of disability confident organisations featured, as well as all the opportunities provided by these companies. Emma, Student

Attending Explore the Law has helped to build my confidence to continue on my career path towards being a lawyer at a top London practice.  Will, Warwick University

The Future You Event was amazing. Ayesha, University of Hertfordshire

It was a great informative event. The whole process was brilliant. MyPlus communicated everything from the beginning to the end smoothly. I have received support at every step of the process. Dean, Birkbeck University of London

All the people that were invited and the organisers made the event incredibly informative and inspiring. Marius, University of Westminster

Firms were all highlighting their disability inclusion policies and support that is there for employees, smashing the assumption that if you are open about a disability in your application that you will be discriminated against. Baber, Edinburgh

Finding out about disability confident employers and being able to connect with recruiters that dealt with reasonable adjustments didn’t just give me the confidence to be open, I believe it truly levelled the playing field.  Mubariz, Nottingham University

The event was useful because I was able to directly discuss adjustments with recruiters of several banks. It also gave me a unique opportunity to network with current employees at the banks and learn about their work and professional paths. William, ESSEC Business School

Attending the event showed me the supportive environment for people with disabilities in investment banking. Sheena, UCL

The webinar was extremely useful. It provided a comprehensive, easy-to-follow structure on how best to navigate the oftentimes stressful task of explaining mitigating circumstances during an application process. Student, LSE

The webinar was really helpful and I look forward to more in the future. Estelle, University of Cumbria

MyPlus Students' Club provide resources and offer opportunities available for students with employers who see the value in graduates who have developed resilience and tenacity through coping with disabilities and mental health problems. Kirsty, Sheffield Hallam

I find the case studies and profiles accessible, interesting (inspiring) and reassuring, because they profile very capable talented people landing impressive jobs in spite of their disability. Emma, Student

The mitigating circumstances webinar has been indispensable in allaying fears surrounding my master's application and for future job applications. Mohammed, KCL

The Q&A was a great opportunity to ask for advice and I went away with a much clearer idea of how to draw up my own statement. Student, LSE

Having depression and anxiety was not something to be ashamed of, it was part of who I was, and it made me different. I began to think of it as something that I was in control over rather than something that owned me. Mubariz, Nottingham University

The hosts were excellent at covering different aspects of the challenges that arise during the recruitment process. Student, LSE

I found today's session on mitigating circumstances useful and improved how I frame my thinking on this topic. Esther, Bedfordshire University

The webinars are positive, engaging and informative. Ali, The Open University

I just wanted to update you on my career journey and let you know that I am officially a future trainee at Baker McKenzie! Trainee, Baker McKenzie

The guides and resources have given me practical advice about how I express myself in writing to employers. Alpesh, University of Leicester

I would definitely recommend joining the club. The advice and connections I’ve made through the club were a huge help in landing my dream job. Student, University of Law

Make sure you checkout the MyPlus Students' Club website where you can find advice, information and opportunities! Grebin, BPP Law School

I would definitely recommend MyPlus to other students! The insight day was indeed a great experience which inspired me and opened my perspective regarding job prospects. Mihaela, University of Bath

The Students’ Club shows me that employers actually care about me - and it is a great way of showing who is committed to looking past your disability on paper. Will, University of Exeter

The extensive resources available make the Students' Club an invaluable asset for aspirational disabled students. Will, KCL

MyPlus is a fun, frank and safe space where you can learn about managing disabilities in the real world independently. Grace Hill, The Open University

I would 100% recommend MyPlus Students’ Club to students or recent graduates with a disability... My confidence has improved dramatically and I know that there are employers who recognise the value of disabled employees. Kirsty, Sheffield Hallam University

The MyPlus website has an amazing variety of resources that I am still enjoying exploring - I strongly recommend these! Student, LSE

Thank you both so much for today’s session. Not only did it surpass my expected outcomes but also gave me some much needed inspiration to refresh my disclosure statement. Esther, Bedfordshire University

I would like to give you and your colleagues my deepest gratitude for the mitigating circumstances webinar. It has been indispensable in allaying fears surrounding my master's application and for future job applications. Mohammed Rahman, KCL

I found the virtual seminars at the start of the pandemic extremely useful and I am genuinely super grateful to the advice and support given by MyPlus which has really helped in terms of my confidence during my job search. Connor, University of Strathclyde

I have downloaded the MyPlus career guide on the benefits of being open, it was very accessible, clear and fun. I particularly liked the questions at the end of the sections as they were very fun and interactive to get you thinking or writing answers. Grace Hill, The Open University

I definitely found MyPlus to be such a great source of information and advice when I was in that transition stage between graduating and working out what my professional career would look like! Emma, Graduate

My confidence improved dramatically since attending the disclosure session. It equipped me with the tools to confidently disclose my disability when I apply to firms. Student from the HSF Disability Mentoring Scheme

Thank you to MyPlus Students' Club for organising an amazing day at Baker McKenzie, make sure to check the MyPlus Students' Club website where you can find advice information and opportunities! Grebin Cherian

I would definitely recommend MyPlus to other students! I would not have thought about applying to one of these insight days beforehand because I was not interested in the banking industry, but it was indeed a great experience which inspired me and opened my perspective regarding job prospects. Mihaela Duta

I’d recommend MPSC to anyone feeling that they need to be responsible for their own disability or health condition, because employers are truly on your side. Will, Cardiff University

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