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14% of undergraduate students at UK Universities have a disability or health condition; this includes, but is not limited to, conditions such as poor mental health, dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, hearing impairments, ADHD, speech impairments and physical impairments.

Disability should be no barrier to having a successful career; the strengths and skills that have been developed to manage a disability on a day to day basis are readily transferable into the workplace; skills such as time management, resilience and problem solving. However, disabled graduates at all qualification levels are less likely to have obtained full-time employment than non-disabled graduates. Not only are these individuals missing out on the ability to positively use their skills, abilities and talents, employers are also missing out on individuals who could make a positive difference to their organisation.

It is our collective responsibility to raise the aspirations of these young people and build their confidence in order that they can maximise their chances of successful employment outcomes when they graduate.

The aim of our resources for University Staff, including the Toolkit for Careers Advisers and our Training Events, are to raise awareness of the resources available at and enable University support staff to coach and mentor students towards confidently achieving their career goals.

For more information about our Toolkit for Careers Advisers and to request your copy, visit our Students’ Club University Toolkit page.

To find out more about our workshops and training events or to book your place visit our Students’ Club University events page.


“Connecting with recruiters that dealt with reasonable adjustments gave me the confidence to be open, it truly levelled the playing field.”

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