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We are committed to building a healthy, vibrant company that treats people with respect and creates opportunities.

"I am open about my disability and always state my requirements to be able to accomplish any task. I am also keen to try new things."

Olu Ogbe

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About Us

"We think of diversity here at J.P. Morgan as synonymous with talent. It's how we achieve our business objectives. When you hear these words, "diversity," "inclusion," etc., try replacing them with the word "talent" - and you'll understand what it means to us and what we're trying to do." - Pat David, Senior Diversity Adviser

Employees are our greatest asset, and we strive to attract talent from the broadest pool to foster innovation, creativity and productivity. There is tremendous power that results from this kind of diversity. In fact, creating a diverse and inclusive environment is critical to our success, and we are deeply committed to hiring and retaining employees from different backgrounds, experiences and locations.

Diversity brings together people with unique perspectives, and inclusion creates opportunities for all individuals to contribute and work together to achieve success as a whole. We believe working in an inclusive environment motivates exceptional effort, or—put more simply—it makes us all better at what we do.

Our diverse workforce helps our customers and business partners achieve their business goals. By recruiting the highest quality people who reflect the customers and communities that we serve, we increase our ability to deliver the best possible solutions.

About our business

The way we're organised.

J.P. Morgan serves institutional and corporate clients through the Corporate & Investment Bank, Asset & Wealth Management and primarily Commercial Banking businesses. Chase supports individuals and small businesses through the Consumer & Community Banking group. Our parent company, JPMorgan Chase, is responsible for our administration and corporate governance. Across our brands and businesses, we have a wealth of opportunities waiting for you.

London is the regional headquarters for our EMEA business.  We are recognized as one of the premier financial institutions in the United Kingdom, and provide our clients with a range of integrated services from across our franchises under both the J.P. Morgan and J.P. Morgan Cazenove brands.

Find out more about J.P. Morgan in the United Kingdom here. Your career. Your way.

Did you know?

"Today, the new era of disability inclusion is about “assimilation” – – hiring professionals with disabilities into the robust culture of the firm. Full assimilation requires a leadership team with the will, commitment and attitude to identify, train and groom professionals with disabilities for leadership positions at the firm as we do with mainstream employees." - Jim Sinocchi, Head of the Office of Disability Inclusion

A workplace for everyone

J.P. Morgan looks at the whole employee when they join the firm. We look first at what the individual can contribute to both our firm and clients. The firm makes it clear that we want people for their intellectual capacity and talent and we will do everything we can to accommodate them in a reasonable manner.

Our company has offices in more than 60 countries and reasonable accommodations are part of how we do business around the world. So, if a candidate has the talent and skills to do a job well, we want them. And, we will provide as many tools as we can to help them do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Accessibility Awards

Helen Keller Achievement Award
American Foundation for the Blind recognised our commitment to providing accessible banking product and services to clients and employees.

Gold Award Winner 2015 for Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles

2016 Best Place to Work by Disability Equality Index


  • Early Insight Programmes Our early insight programmes and initiatives are designed to help you learn about the industry.

    Join us at our offices to gain an in-depth look at the firm, the diverse opportunities we provide, and an understanding of how you can make a meaningful contribution to our community culture and global mission.
  • Internship Designed to help you explore our firm and gain hands on work experience before applying to one of our full-time roles.

    Where do you fit in?
    Internship opportunities are available in the following areas:
    • Asset Management
    • CIB Risk
    • Finance
    • Global Treasury Management
    • Human Resources
    • Investment Banking
    • Investor Services
    • Operations
    • Quantitative Research
    • Sales, Trading & Research
    • Technology
    • Wealth Management


  • Graduate Opportunities These opportunities are for graduating students looking for a full-time career.

    A list of the business areas that are currently recruiting for graduates can be found on our website:

    Please note that we fill the majority of our graduate roles through our internship programmes.

    Please visit our careers website at: to find a list of our current job opportunities.

Additional Opportunities

  • Additional Opportunities We offer career opportunities across our firm, and it pays to find out as much as possible about the industry, our business areas, the roles we offer and what we look for in an applicant before you apply. We'll be hosting a range of exciting events and programs around the globe throughout the year. We encourage you to look for communications about our upcoming events and programs and to check our careers website regularly for dates and deadlines.

Tips for applying

Eager for guidance on how to drive your career forward? Interested in learning more about the recruiting process? Read our advice and tips:

  • Be yourself and honest Think about how the make yourself stand out as an individual. Set yourself apart from all the other applicants
  • Show your passion for the firm, the industry and business area! Tailor each application carefully to the position and programme you are applying for.
  • Check and double check! Use spell check and read back what you've written on the application to make sure it makes sense!

Your Plus

We are looking for team players and future leaders with exceptional drive, creativity and interpersonal skills. Impeccable academic credentials are important, but so are your achievements outside the classroom.

  • Passion for JP Morgan & financial services It doesn't matter what degree you studied, as long as you have the passion and interest for the firm and financial services.
  • Leadership experience & ability to challenge yourself We're looking for people who can bring new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to the table, as well as people who have experienced leadership positions through sporting opportunities and extra curricular involvement. We want individuals who are constantly striving to challenge and develop themselves.
  • Talent & diversity At JP Morgan, we know our business thrives when we hire exceptional people from different backgrounds. We all bring something new to the table tell us what makes you different!

Recruitment Adjustments

When applying to a job in J.P. Morgan, it's all about preparation. If you need adjustments for an upcoming interview or assessment centre, please let us know! Some of the things that we could do for you as required are:

  • Additional time We can provide you with additional time in between interviews, as well as increased preparation time at assessment centres.
  • Communication support We can arrange for an interpreter to be at the interview, if you require communication support.
  • Accessible technology We can provide a screen reader or additional technology to help you complete written tasks at the assessment centre.

Workplace Support

Our management team focuses on four areas – Attitude, Accessibility, Accommodations and Assimilation –to better understand how to support people with disabilities throughout the firm. Together, we aim to provide each individual with opportunities to not only assimilate into the firm’s inclusive culture, but offer strategies to help them aspire to become leaders during their career.

To do that, we continually look for ways to eliminate barriers with processes and systems that enable job candidates and employees to obtain reasonable accommodations they require to perform their essential job roles in accordance with their job functions and business goals.

We are also committed to "assimilate" qualified people with disabilities into the firm’s culture of merit and inclusiveness, including management and leadership positions.

MyPlus Graduates

“I think it’s always so important to see role models at each level in a company so people can come in and say ‘there’s someone who is like me and so there have to be opportunities for me,’” said CEO of Consumer & Community Banking Gordon Smith, who is also the Operating Committee sponsor of the Access Ability BRG, our company’s disability and caregiver business resource group.

  • Olu Ogbe photo
    Olu Ogbe, Business Systems Analyst "I am open about my disability and always state my requirements to be able to accomplish any task. I am also keen to try new things."

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MyPlus Professionals

  • Andrey photo
    Andrey, Corporate and Investment Banking, EMEA Fixed Income Sales Assistant and Client Service, Senior Associate "During my career with J.P. Morgan I have realized that it is only by being open that we step fully into who we are, and we inspire others to do the same."

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