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Ricky Vachhani

How did you get started in your career at EY?

I joined EY as a summer intern initially, in the summer of 2011, in the former ITRA department under Advisory. From here, I was offered a place on the graduate scheme for Risk which ITRA has been transformed into, to join once I had finished my final year at university. Having studied Economics with Accounting at Loughborough University, I was always excited about being part of EY and a Big Four accounting firm.

What are your typical daily responsibilities?

My daily responsibilities include engaging with clients and meeting with them to understand the financial processes they implement and the IT controls in place to protect their systems/data. I perform data extraction and analytical testing on this data which allows us to identify potential risks in place in a company’s financial data.

How do you manage your disability at work?

Initially, I was quite tentative about my speech impediment at work as I didn’t know how people would react. However, I have found that by telling people from the outset of meeting them that I do have a speech impediment really helps to clear the air when I do stammer. In addition, I always mention that the best way for the client/other person to respond is just by giving me enough to time to finish which helps to manage their expectations and also reduces the pressure on my speech.

How has your employer helped you to do well at your workplace?

I have been in touch with Iain Wilkie who is a senior partner at EY and he has openly discussed his speech impediment and offered me any support required. He passed on some names of key contacts should I wish to have some speech therapy as well helping me to get involved with the Employer’s Stammering Network. In addition, I have had support from HR regarding the funding of any therapy. I feel EY promotes awareness of disabilities very well and the culture of the firm is very supportive in general.

How would you describe the culture at EY?

The diversity culture is really ingrained into every project I work on and every person I work with. Everybody is very supportive and focus on what I have to say rather than how I have to say it. There is a definite understanding and awareness that even though I do have a speech impediment, I still have valuable contributions to provide to any conversations and I really enjoy the mutual respect every employee has for one another.

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Ricky Vachhani

Consultant, Risk

Degree / Previous: Economics with Accounting

Year Joined / Path : 2012