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University is an education in the broadest sense. Our University Life section will enable you to make the most of your time at university and take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you.

Gaining a 'good' degree is only part of what going to university is about. In addition to your academic work, your time at university offers you the opportunity to get involved in clubs, societies and sports that you may otherwise not have encountered. There will also be the opportunity for work, both paid and voluntary.

Getting involved in as much as you are able to will enable you to develop your skills and strengths, build your confidence, enhance your CV and put you in a strong position when it comes to gaining employment upon graduation.

Starting university presents many new challenges, daunting as this is for those with a mental health condition, the experience of university life can actually help you better manage your condition.

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Having a disability or long-term health condition is no excuse for not getting involved in University life. From swimming to debating, politics to business, there is something for everyone. All you have to do is work out, from the many many options, you want to get involved in.

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