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 There is no typical person at Morgan Stanley.

"Morgan Stanley has a wonderfully diverse culture, which I would describe as akin to the United Nations. In addition, I think Morgan Stanley fosters a very open and friendly culture, where people are approachable and willing to support you."

Alexander van Holk

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About Us

Our business

Morgan Stanley is more than a leading financial services firm. With offices spanning 42 countries and talented, passionate people bringing excellence and integrity to everything we do, the firm is truly global. Throughout the firm’s history, diverse and talented individuals have worked together to develop our new ideas and groundbreaking financial products.

Our successes

Morgan Stanley has maintained its leadership position in the industry for many years.  The firm's investment banking franchise regularly features at the top of the league tables for Mergers & Acquisitions and IPOs.  Our research, strategy, and economics teams are consistently ranked highly in investor surveys.  Our Sales & Trading, Prime Brokerage, Wealth Management and Asset Management businesses have won multiple awards over the years and Morgan Stanley's commitment to diversity and equality has also received accolades.

Our people

There is no typical person at Morgan Stanley. Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests but they are all high achievers who share integrity, intellectual curiosity and the desire to work in a collegial environment. Individuality is prized and people are encouraged to be themselves. What you are interested in and how you approach the world will determine your individual career path at Morgan Stanley.

We have 8 Employee Networks, including our disability network, which bring together employees with similar goals and interests and support the Firm's overall mission of recruiting and developing the most diverse and inclusive work force possible, creating a foundation that fosters creative and innovative thinking. See the video's to find out more

Check out more videos on the Morgan Stanley Youtube channel!

Did you know?

We have a Morgan Stanley Disability Handbook to facilitate providing an accessible and supportive environment for all our people, clients, guests and potential recruits.

  • We are members of the Business Disability Forum
  • We have set up the Disability Technology Services Group to ensure that the technology support we offer disabled employees is cutting edge
  • We have signed the Women in Finance charter- a commitment to increase gender diversity in Senior leadership levels firm-wide
  • We are a Times Top 50 Employer for Women, a Working Families partner for the last 10 years and a recent Stonewall Top 100 Employer

Accessibility Awards


  • Opportunities We all know and recognise the value add of work-experience and we, therefore, offer internships that give promising penultimate-year students the chance to experience one of our nine key business areas in an enjoyable and intellectually challenging way.

    In addition to our 10-week summer programmes, we also run industrial placements and off-cycle internships, plus give you the opportunity to join us for a look behind the scenes at one of our insight events. While allowing you to experience Morgan Stanley and our culture first hand, internships and industrial placements also serve as the #1 pipeline for our full time programmes.


  • Opportunities Like our Internships, the Morgan Stanley Graduate Programme is open to students who demonstrate the entrepreneurial drive, team work and communication skills needed to take our business forward. The structured programme is designed to hone your negotiation and networking abilities as well as equip you with specialist knowledge of your chosen area.

    Depending on the area that you join, you will learn how to manipulate analytical tools, cutting-edge technology and data resources. However, classroom-based and on the job training and workshops are just one aspect of your development. You will also receive regular mentoring and coaching as well as be invited to networking events and senior management presentations for you to know our culture, understand our core values and key products as well as build a network of contacts - all necessary foundations for a truly exceptional and rewarding career.

Tips for applying

Ready to join the team at Morgan Stanley? Here are a few helpful tips on how to prepare for your interview.

  • Your Story Think about how to best tell your story. It starts with knowing your resume. Be able to articulate everything you've listed without reading or referring to it. Have confidence. Be yourself. Know your strengths and be able to articulate the areas you want to develop.
  • Your Personal Brand We all have a personal brand. What makes you unique? Envision the impression you want to make. Your interviewers are meeting several candidates. How do you want to differentiate yourself and be remembered?
  • Your Interests Have a compelling reason for why you want to work in this industry, our firm, and the division you’re interested in. Passion is imperative — it’s what sets Morgan Stanley apart from others in the industry. We genuinely want to make a difference in the world.

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Your Plus

What makes a student stand out in the crowd during recruiting season? Leading recruiters at Morgan Stanley share some tips on how to shine.

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  • Show your resourcefulness. “I like to see that students have reached out to their college or university alumni who now work at Morgan Stanley. It shows they’re resourceful, have initiative and are self-starters. You can also ask alumni questions you might feel uncomfortable asking a recruiter.”
  • Stay calm and keep listening. “There are group exercises that are designed to simulate problem solving under pressure. We look for people who can stay calm as the pressure increases. It’s also key to listen to your team members. Leadership qualities are great, but it’s also important to show you can listen to others and support their ideas if they make sense.”
  • Know what you want and why you want it. “When you interview with a certain business division, give a sense that you already know all about Morgan Stanley and what you’re looking for. Go in, introduce yourself, say what you think you can offer Morgan Stanley, and tell us why you’re interested in that business division.”

Recruitment Adjustments

Morgan Stanley is an Equal Opportunities employer and as such, please be reassured that you will receive full support during the selection process as required. We often offer adjustments to students with disabilities or long term health conditions. Some examples of support include:

Workplace Support

Once you join Morgan Stanley, all new hires complete an Occupational Health form to ensure we understand your needs and provide you with the support you may need in the workplace.

MyPlus Graduates

  • Kathy Goodwin photo
    Kathy Goodwin, Treasury Analyst "Morgan Stanley is very supportive of applicants with disabilities. My dyslexia was no exception. The firm was keen to make the application process accessible to everyone, and so they went to every effort to support me with my dyslexia throughout the process."

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MyPlus Professionals

  • Alexander van Holk photo
    Alexander van Holk, Vice President at Morgan Stanley (Investment Banking Division) "Morgan Stanley has a wonderfully diverse culture, which I would describe as akin to the United Nations. In addition, I think Morgan Stanley fosters a very open and friendly culture, where people are approachable and willing to support you."

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  • Will Thoms photo
    Will Thoms, Vice President at Morgan Stanley "Morgan Stanley has been excellent at delivering the equipment and adjustments I’ve asked for throughout my time at the company. Morgan Stanley employees tend to have a very open and willing approach to adaptions."

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