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Citi thrives on the diversity of its people.

"Be confident about your disability and use it as a strength rather than something that holds you back."

Oleg Giberstein

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About Us

At Citi, we recognise our diversity as a competitive advantage. In a global marketplace, it's vital that an organisation provides a wide range of ideas and solutions to its clients. A diverse workforce not only understands its clients better but is more creative and innovative on their behalf. To maintain our competitive edge it's essential that we continue to grow a workforce with different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas. A diverse workforce fuels an organisation like Citi, colleagues with a wide range of experiences and skills learn from one another helping to develop their full potential.

Citi meets the financial needs of millions of clients, including individuals, businesses and governments. With operations in over 100 countries, we're one of the world's most diverse companies. Our international outlook has seen us enter markets such as Pakistan, Dubai and Kazakhstan before they emerged, and in every jurisdiction we match global thinking with local knowledge to deliver superior levels of service.

As an employer of choice, Citi aims to attract and retain the best people. We look for applicants who are innovative and motivated and who wish to make a meaningful contribution to our business. In return we offer outstanding opportunities for professional growth and exciting career prospects. We encourage and embrace applications regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or any other difference. Indeed, Citi thrives on the diversity of its people. Diversity and inclusion are central to our culture and business strategy.

Did you know?

At Citi, we believe that diversity is a combination of inclusion, opportunity and meritocracy. The majority of diversity work is completed "by the people, for the people." Citi has approximately 42 employee networks around the world addressing disability, ethnicity, gender, parental responsibility and sexual orientation.


  • Internship One of the primary ways in which we identify the very best talent is through internships. You'll be exposed to a mixture of training, social events and professional experience. At the end of the internship, we offer the best people a full-time role, starting after graduation.

    Intake: June
    Length: 10 weeks
  • Placement Our placements are long term internships and scope of work and training is similar to that of our summer program where you will be exposed to a mixture of training, social events and professional experience.

    Intake: Throughout the year
    Length: 6 to 12 months
  • Spring Insight Our Spring programs have been designed to provide an introduction to finance for first year students of three year or second years of a four year undergraduate/masters course. This one week unpaid (expenses covered) program has been designed on Citi's 3E learning philosophy: Education, Exposure, Experience. Successful interns will be offered the opportunity to be assessed for a position on the following years summer analyst program.

    Intake: March/April
    Length: 1 week


  • Graduate Opportunities Our Analysts are bright, accomplished and highly motivated people with outstanding communication skills and a true passion for business. The combination of in-depth training, mentorship opportunities, and interaction with clients and senior management will help launch you on your career path as an Analyst.

    Intake: July or August
    Length: 24 to 30 months (business dependent)

Tips for applying

Our recruitment team shares their advice on how to approach the application process.

  • Be informed Identify your diversity and disability officer(s) at university and find out how they can support you with excelling in your academic and professional life.
  • Network Connect with like-minded student peers, university alumni and professional role models at on campus or externally hosted careers events
  • Be Open Throughout the recruitment process you will have an opportunity to disclose information about your health condition or disability, and whether or not you require adjustments to be made. This information is kept confidential by HR with the aim of providing the best support possible to candidates so that they may have a positive experience.

Your Plus

Each role at Citi does look for different qualities, so always check the job description, we always look for the following in our candidates.

  • Unquestioned commitment to integrity and ethical decision-making
  • Strong desire to learn
  • Proactive approach to searching for new and creative ideas

Recruitment Adjustments

We are committed to hiring the best people for our roles and we do not believe that any disability or long-term health conditions should be a barrier to that. We strongly encourage applicants who feel that they fall into this category to inform us about their condition or situation on their application form or by emailing our Disability Representative (details below). This information is treated with complete confidentiality and is used to help us arrange any adjustments to the recruitment process you may require. Examples of the reasonable adjustments that we can provide include:

  • Extra time Extra time at the online test stage and at Assessment Centre.
  • Printing materials & other equipment Printing materials on different colours of paper or in larger font. We can also provide interpreters and IT equipment.
  • Wheelchair access. All our buildings are accessible.

Workplace Support

When you join Citi, various support channels are in place to ensure your transition from university to work are as seamless as possible.

MyPlus Graduates

Read what these graduates have to say about their career, managing their disability at work, tips and advice for students.

MyPlus Professionals

Read what these professionals have to say about their career, managing their disability at work, tips and advice for students.

  • Oleg Giberstein photo
    Oleg Giberstein, Assistant Vice President "Be confident about your disability and use it as a strength rather than something that holds you back."

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  • Patrick Moran photo
    Patrick Moran, Head of Information Security Enterprise Systems "I am comfortable telling people what I need in the workspace to enable me do my job. I am the expert in my condition and therefore it is important that I communicate my needs to my colleagues."

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  • Rebecca Crow photo
    Rebecca Crow, Equities, Senior Executive Assistant "Being able to talk about my issues on a public stage through Citi’s recent mental health campaign I have been able to tell people on mass that I struggle at times and this in turn has meant that people are more accepting."

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