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Diversity is not a tick box exercise - it is the key to identifying the best talent

"Just be honest, up front and talk about your disability. For me, it was all about how I portray myself to others."

Matt Short

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About Us

At Allen & Overy we know that our approach to diversity will be an important consideration for individuals researching the firm or applying for open days, vacation schemes or training contracts. And we already have a number of initiatives and projects underway to widen access to A&O and the legal profession.

"At A&O, we recognise that people are different, in ways that we can see and ways that we can't. We think that is a good thing. As well as creating a rich working environment that makes our work more enjoyable, the business benefits are clear. Being diverse and ensuring that we are inclusive helps us to attract the best people, innovate and understand and relate to our clients."

Wim Dejonghe, Senior Partner.

Our objective is simple: to attract and retain the most talent people, to benefit from the varied talents a diverse workforce brings, and allow our people to achieve their potential and fulfil their ambitious, within a supportive working environment.

Did you know?

Our commitment to diversity can be seen through out Diversity & Inclusion strategy, owned and championed by the Board and People & Performance Board. It will be reviewed annually to ensure that we are focusing on the right things and our Diversity Advisory Committee will provide guidance throughout the year to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

We will continue to be committed to supporting diversity in the broadest sense and continuing to ensure we have an inclusive environment for everyone.

Accessibility Awards

2013: ACR social mobility award for best social mobility in the UK.

'Exceptional' status by the BITC regional Work Inspiration Award.

In London we are members and/or sponsors of the following organisations to ensure act we are supporting diversity and inclusion best practice:

  • 30% Club
  • Aspiring Solicitors
  • Blind in Business
  • Business Disability Forum
  • My Plus Recruiters Club


  • A&O First

    Work experience programme designed exclusively for first year undergraduate students in the UK.

    Intake: April Length: 2 days (return office visit in September)

  • Vacation Scheme

    Gain experience in one of our practice areas, where you will work alongside our lawyers on real deals and cases.

    Intake: December, March/April, June/July Length: 1 week


Careers Events

Additional Opportunities

Tips for applying

Recruiters, Hannah and Jo share their top tips for anyone thinking of applying for a role at Allen & Overy.

  • Different Experiences We’re looking for people with commercial awareness and good communication skills, and we want team players. Those skills can be developed through all sorts of different experiences.
  • Interview Prep Do your research, think about the questions you’re likely to be asked – even arrange to have a couple of mock interviews. If you know what to expect, you’ll feel more confident and you’re more likely to do yourself justice.
  • Disability Confidence It’s a part of who you are, not something to hide. We’ll do everything we can to make the adjustments you need.

Your Plus

We believe there’s no such thing as a typical Allen & Overy candidate and we actively seek a diverse trainee intake. We also mean It when we say your university and degree subject doesn’t matter – approximately 50% of our trainees are from non-law backgrounds and we do not have a shortlist of preferred universities; our current trainee intake represents around 40 different universities.

Aside from a commitment to a career in international commercial law and a clear articulation of why you want to work at Allen & Overy, we will look for the following skills and attributes throughout our selection process:

  • Commercial awareness of both the law and business
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Planning & organisation
  • Problem-solving

Recruitment Adjustments

We recognise that people with disabilities require varied levels and types of support; we are therefore committed to understanding your needs on a case by case basis. Contact us for more questions and to find the best adjustments for you.

  • Increased time available When you are competing your verbal and numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension tests, as well as increased preparation time at assessment centres.
  • Hard Copy We can arrange for a hard copy version of your tests to be completed within the office.
  • Contact point You will have a dedicated point of contact within the Campus Recruitment team

Workplace Support

Internally, we have reviewed human resources and recruitment processes, making adjustments and providing support to candidates and existing staff, with help from a disability expert.

In addition, we provide disability awareness training to staff in a range of departments.

MyPlus Graduates

MyPlus Professionals

  • Matt Short photo
    Matt Short, Associate Solicitor "I was particularly interested in Allen & Overy because of its global reach, and the wide range of work I would have access to within the organisation."

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