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Zoë & Dyslexia

  March 13, 2017   

“My dyslexia is, mostly, invisible. That is because I work incredibly hard in order to compensate for it and therefore make it so. It is through my dyslexia that I have found ways to work more efficiently and optimise what I do. I learnt to touch type at age 8 (when I was diagnosed as dyslexic) so I didn't have to worry so much about spelling mistakes. I always make concise notes because my reading speed is slow and I don't want to have to read hundreds of pages of lecture notes multiple times.

Dyslexia has also led me to be more patient with explaining concepts to others as I understand how hard it can be to struggle with concepts others may perceive as simple. When I graduate, I have a job in consultancy focussed on saving companies money by optimising their use of the infrastructure they already have. I believe the reason I will excel at this is I have had plenty of practice doing this in my day to day life. MyPlus is my strength.” – Zoë Clark

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