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Working With A Stammer

  November 4, 2015   

Last month included International Stammering Awareness Day on the 22nd October.

It is estimated that around 1% of the adult population in the UK stammer, with 80% of adults who stammer being men. In a recent article, KPMG's Champion for the Employers Stammering Network, Richard Murray, shared his story.

Contribution over style

Richard grew up with a stammer and upon entering the professional world he was wary of how it would affect him, particularly when communicating with clients and co-workers. He was not generally open about his stammer, partly due to the fact that his it was much less noticeable than it had been, but he still has to exercise control over it. He recalls a quote he heard saying:

"Good communication is 7% what you say; the other 93% being a combination of how you say it and how you look."

This has been true for Richard who has been relieved to discover that his co-workers and clients at KPMG value his contribution much more than his style of delivery. You can read his story here.

Employers Stammering Network

Richard chose to share his story after a Senior Audit Partner at EY founded the Employers Stammering Network (ESN). Richard has found being part of ESN very helpful, both as an employee and as a parent of two little girls just finding their own voices. ESN provide workshops and advice to members and is well worth a look for those struggling with a stammer and for their friends and family.

KPMG and EY are both MyPlus Students' Club partners and you can read more about their approach to disability and recruitment right here on the MyPlus Students' Club website.