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Sylvia & Depression

  January 16, 2017   

"My plus is passion.

I started in international banking straight from school. I enjoyed it. An escape too from personal demons and periodical depressive episodes. My career progressed well though, regularly promoted, gaining expertise and a respected market reputation.

Later, during a personal ‘perfect storm’, I slipped into suicidal depression. I doggedly continued working but finally, secretly, sought medical help. With medication and counselling I unbelievably and unexpectedly transformed from mental ill-health to full recovery, and beyond. “Sometimes we have no choice about what happens to us, but, we do have choice how we manage it”, was my profound personal learning.

The transformation unlocked and awakened hidden talents and attributes, and ignited my plus; for life, and giving to others as someone gave me. So, alongside my career I became a counsellor, volunteering for charity, and later a coach.

My plus revitalised me and re-energised my career. I was regularly headhunted, moved into investment banking, progressing into managerial and leadership roles. I was a consistent high performing achiever and role model in dynamic, demanding and competitive environments.

Gradually, my plus to inspire, enable and support others overtook that for investment banking. I made strategic choices, career path changes and finally left my long and successful finance industry career to follow MyPlus, and aspirations for a world without fear, stigma, shame or discrimination around mental ill-health.

The photo? My life-long, beloved, fun activity that gives me so much." - Sylvia Bruce

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