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Olive & Invisible Disability

  February 21, 2017   

"My autoimmune condition is, for the most part, invisible. This is both a blessing and a curse as the scarring on my left eye means my sight is often compromised and I often have double vision but very few people know unless I tell them. Being in and out of hospital for the past four years of my life has obviously definitely presented its challenges and made my hopes of going to university seem at times unmanageable. However, I have never let this get in my way.

It has made me persevere in many situations and forced me to think around situations which initially seem impossible. It is something that I have to overcome every day and it has made me appreciate that everyone has their own individual struggles that often aren’t initially obvious and how people can find innovation and positivity despite immense difficulty. My condition is a part of me and I appreciate that it has in part made me who I am. But I refuse to let it define me and I am proud of what I have accomplished despite it. MyPlus is my strength." - Olive Leonard

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