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Nicola Kenton: My Pacemaker and Me

  January 12, 2017   

"When I was diagnosed with my heart condition and told I had to have a pacemaker inserted, it was something I had never even thought about. Suddenly, I had to have an operation and that scared me especially as this was all happening in and around exam period at university. But I got through it, had the operation, all the checks afterwards and everything was fine.

It took time to adjust to having a pacemaker and I'm still adjusting now. I'm testing my limits, seeing what my body can and can't do. Like many conditions, there are still good and bad days but I feel that I have more good than bad now. It's funny how fixing something that you never knew was broken has a massive effect on you. I feel that I've become more confident in myself and I value things in life a lot more.

My plus from having a pacemaker is the perspective I have on life. I can reflect on everything I've done with an open mind and value the lessons that I've learned. I try not to stress over the small things, sometimes that’s easier said than done, however when you have had a life changing experience it puts things into perspective. It is better to focus only on things that you can change. Now, I take opportunities that are presented to me and I aim to live my life to the full." - Nicola Kenton

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