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MyPlus: Ross & OCD

  October 13, 2016   

"MyPlus is that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now, hang on!...I hear you say. And, before I even hear the end of that sentence, I know what to expect. It’s a problem I’ve been struggling with the vast majority of life. I’m mentally ill? Yes. But, am I disabled? Well, the honest answer to that question is…only you know how your condition manifests! Don’t let societal norms, and fear of being judged, stop you getting the support you deserve. Mental illness may still be stigmatic, but it’s far from invisible. Change is coming, and it’s coming fast. Despite being a complex and cumbersome condition to live with, OCD does have benefits as well. For example, I have developed an insanely accurate eye for detail, which in turn, led to me pursuing genetics as a degree. In the world of DNA, enzymes and proteins, detail is definitely king. But, even more so, my battle with OCD has afforded me a sense of tenacity that I don’t think I’d have gained without it. The therapy protocol for this condition is pretty scary! You have to make a list of the things which you fear (or obsess about the most) and then deliberately expose yourself to them. Frightening? Yes. Difficult? Yes. But, Rewarding? Even more so. OCD may hinder some aspects of my life, but I honestly don’t know who I’d be without it." - Ross Fairgrieve

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