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Jimmy & his Stammer

  December 12, 2016   

"When I was School Captain of Hamilton Grammar School, my fear of public speaking made me delegate a speaking duty which I have always regretted. This isolated incident made me think about my life and career choices. Delegating the speaking duty embarrassed me and made me realise that I couldn’t run and make excuses not to speak out due to having a stammer. Having always wanted to join the Army, I was almost certain that my stammer would let me down and I would not be accepted. I was informed that I may never be promoted or be an instructor due to my stammer, but I didn’t let this drain my resolve to join. Now, after 21 years of Military service, during which I have had nowhere to hide or run with regards to my speech, I have worked my way up through every soldier rank possible, I am an accomplished military instructor, I am a qualified paratrooper and have recently been commissioned as an Officer in the rank of captain and have been awarded an MBE.

My stammer has made me resilient. My Plus is my ability to feel the fear of speaking, but doing it anyway." - Captain Jimmy Lang MBE of the Royal Army Medical Corps

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