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MyPlus: Emily & Dyslexia

  October 6, 2016   

"I didn’t know that I had dyslexia until I was doing my A levels, and no matter how hard I worked, I found it difficult to meet deadlines or complete tasks as quickly as my classmates. Dyslexia made me a hard worker because I knew I would fall behind, unless I put in much more time than teachers predicted a task would take. After finding out that I had dyslexia, I was taught all sorts of techniques that would help me in my organisation of tasks and with my reading and writing, particularly in time-pressured, stressful situations. I learn better from visual diagrams or pictures rather than reading and listening. As a result, I have learned how to approach problems or communicate ideas in a more creative way, which is a skill treasured in the 21st century workplace. MyPlus is my ability to think outside the box." - Emily Huggard

Photo credit: Alex Robinson