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MyPlus: Claire & Stammering

  December 1, 2016   

"I have had a stammer for 20 years and am still offered the same ‘advice’: ‘Breathe’ and ‘Take your time’.

The naivety of some is almost laughable. Ironically ‘taking my time’ is consequently what stammering makes me do.

As a result of poor advice offered by Disability Services during university, I founded STUC (Stammerers Through University Campaign); through which I support stammering students and staff during their respective journeys and careers. I visit universities nationwide, hosting focus groups and seminars, subsequently helping them provide the support required.

MyPlus is that my stammer taught me to choose my words more carefully, therefore (in theory!) reducing sentence length and thus the probability of stammering. It has also taught me to not believe everything that I read, watch or hear in the media. Whenever a myth about stammering is brought into the public eye, which stammerers know is not true - but the general public believes - it makes me cross. I only choose to trust reliable and reputable sources. This is why I try to advertise and raise awareness of stammering myself; as who better to learn something from than someone who experiences it themself?

I’m hugely ambitious; I run STUC singlehanded alongside a full time job and part time Masters degree, with every intention of being promoted within whichever company I work for.

Despite my disability making certain scenarios difficult, I’ve never let it stop me from achieving; and I never will." - Claire Norman

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