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Jack & Anxiety and Depression

  December 2, 2016   

"Having depression and anxiety made me realise that life has to be enjoyed- at every single moment! Since opening up about such issues I've realised it's really not that uncommon- you never realise what's under the surface, this has allowed me to connect with and develop friendships with people I would never have otherwise been so close with.

Seeing the amazing things others with different disabilities are capable of has really inspired me and has enabled me to turn a so called disability into a plus! For example my anxiety means that I'm always ticking off my to-do list and has made me really driven and motivated. However, to ensure I don't get a bout of depression I have to make sure my goals are realistic, I allocate sufficient time and try and remember that if things don't go according to plan, it's not the end of the world - I remain positive with my dreams still in sight!

This is so important for an entrepreneurial person like me who is always coming up with new ideas and new businesses. Turning my disability into a plus has allowed me to really focus on my newest venture, The Social Mercenary which empowers entrepreneurs in developing countries to market their products worldwide." - Jack Fellows

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