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Lucy & Dyslexia

  March 21, 2017   

"I have known that I am Dyslexic from a young age, and that I struggle with spelling, mental maths and grammar more that I should. However, when I was formally diagnosed at 16, I was surprised by the degree of my actual Dyslexia, the extent to which it was intertwined with countless aspects of my life and saddened by the thought of the numerous difficulties my Dyslexia had probably directly caused.

However, since then I have learnt that the greatest fulfilment usually comes from those things that we have had to work hard at. I am proud of my successes because of the way that I have had to overcome numerous challenges to achieve them. I have also realised that my Dyslexia has given me many beneficial characteristics, such as creativity and insightfulness. Understanding this has led to a belief that there are always methods to overcome personal challenges and has made me appreciate the complexity of intelligence and the benefits of difference. For these reasons, I will forever respect and celebrate my Dyslexia. Dyslexia is MyPlus." - Lucy Williams

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