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Kate Dickins Story

  April 25, 2017   

"Being a sufferer of mental illness means that I have experienced many things in my life so far, that other people who don't suffer in the same way, will never have the chance to. I believe that these experiences have given me a greater insight into other people and made me a far more compassionate person. Whilst I like to think that I have always been open and accepting, my illness has given me the opportunity to really develop this. Having depression and EUPD has opened the doors for me to meet a range of people, whose paths I would never have crossed otherwise. I have sat around tables and chatted with university graduates with PhDs, single parents, business owners, ex-business owners who are now homeless, fellow youths who have yet to find a path in life and numerous other people. My plus is my acceptance and my openness. Never will I ever judge a person based on a prejudice or preconceived idea of who they might be, because in my experience we are almost always wrong.

Mental illness might have taken a lot from me, but it has, I believe, left me a far better person." - Kate Dickins