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Kate & Dyslexia

  February 3, 2017   

"I found out I had dyslexia after failing 2nd year of university, which made me look at learning in a whole different light. It wasn't that I wasn't paying attention; I just had to teach myself to learn things differently.

As well as visualising facts and working with other people, I established how to be patient in the process with my abilities which helped me learn better moving forward. My transition from university to work at Enterprise was very easy, because Enterprise is fun and friendly environment where teamwork rules. This means that if ever I'm struggling there is always someone there to help.

I work in a customer-centric role which is largely dependent on communication. Despite having many key strengths, applying for jobs wasn't easy - I got shot down during mathematical screening/aptitude testing. Thankfully, Enterprise focused on my plus which is working with people.

Richard Branson said that 'if someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say YES and learn how to do it later'. He too is dyslexic and this quote really helped me understand that being dyslexic really shouldn’t affect your opportunities in life. I will never let, ‘not knowing something’ get in my way. I will just need to plan and work that little bit harder to achieve my goals, which is certainly something Enterprise will too support me with each and every step of the way.

In the future I would hope that I am a good example for strong women in business, encouraging them to let nothing hold back their ability to succeed too." - Kate Dravins