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Ed & Autism

  February 15, 2017   

"High Functioning Autism is a largely misunderstood condition. I like to think of it as an ability, rather than a disability, and employers do too, with more and more discovering the benefits of High Functioning Autism in the workplace. What does it mean for me to have High Functioning Autism? It means that social skills don’t come naturally to me, but my plus is that it also means that I’m logical, can solve problems quicker, process data faster, maintain focus for longer and have key desirable traits like loyalty and honesty. I have had to dedicate time and effort to overcome the drawbacks of the condition and improve my social skills, which can be a daily struggle, but on the whole I have grown into my High Functioning Autism and it has given me character. Character which has helped me to secure work experience and internships at bulge bracket investment, commercial and retail banks." - Ed Lee

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