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Dean & his disability

  February 13, 2017   

"My plus is that I’m organised; having a disability means that I need to be organised in order to go about my day-to-day life. A train journey to work for most people is relatively stress free aside from the occasional strike or the train running late. Catching the train with a disability is a slightly trickier process; I have to book assistance for the train journey to ensure that the ramps are provided for my wheelchair to exit the train as well as reserve a seat. I used to view these extra tasks I had to do negatively and as a waste of my time, however it recently occurred to me that the organisational skills I have developed are actually very valuable in the world of work and enhance the academic skills I developed during my time at university. For companies to achieve their goals within a given time frame, they require employees with strong organisational skills; and there are lots of different opportunities to apply your organisational skills at work, from developing marketing strategies to planning the companies next steps. Being organised makes me efficient at my job and my working life easier." - Dean Chaffer