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Alex & Asperger’s Syndrome

  January 17, 2017   

"I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at school. This has always made it difficult for me to understand social situations and people’s emotions. Still, Asperger’s has been My ‘Plus’.

I have been a part of many different societies and events, including travelling to China for a month on my own! I have joined the Westminster Diocese, represented the Student Staff Liaison Committee and interviewed for my course at university. I was awarded the General Services Colours prize at School for all round contribution. I now feel very confident in going out and socialising. I have never let my condition become a barrier and believe it is “persistence” and “determinedness” that has driven me through.

Having Asperger’s has proved to be my strength, as I have developed skills such as being highly analytical, strong in attention to detail, I’ve got the ability to spot patterns at first glance, and am tenacious – I believe these are valuable skills.

What I have learnt is to never limit your ambitions and believe in what you are good at – persistence is the key!" - Alex Pizzoni

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