About Us

Our approach to diversity is centred around inclusion. We value difference and promote a culture of respect for the individual.

The provision of an inclusive and collegial working environment is fundamental to our vision and a key ingredient to our business success. When every employee feels valued for their contribution and know they can progress on the basis of merit and skill we are able to leverage the full potential of our workforce.

Diversity is not just about valuing differences based on visible characteristics. Factors such as communication style, career path, life experience, educational background and parental status influence personal perspectives and make our people react and think differently; approach challenges and solve problems differently; make suggestions and decisions differently; and see different opportunities.

To us diversity is fundamentally about diversity of thought and we believe that superior business performance requires tapping into these unique perspectives.

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Did you know?

We know that when people feel included and feel that they can be themselves at work, they are more engaged in their work, more productive and will realise their full potential and ambitions. Leveraging the full potential of our workforce makes good business sense to us.


  • Vacation Schemes Our summer and winter vacation schemes offer you a real taste of life on our training contract. The schemes involve doing many of the things our trainees do, including attending clients meetings and visits to court.

    Intake: December, June and July.

    Length: Winter Vacation scheme 1 week, Summer Vacation scheme 2 weeks
  • First Step Our First step programme is here to give you an initial taste of life at Norton Rose Fulbright and help you decide if law really is the right career for you.

    Intake: April

    Length: 1 week


  • Training Contract Over the course of two years, you will take on four different seats, including a secondment with a client or to one of our international offices. Your work will become increasingly complex as you progress from seat to seat and as your skills and confidence grow.

    Intake: 2019

    Length: 2 years

Additional Opportunities

Tips for applying

Top tips for candidates applying to Norton Rose Fulbright.

  • Commercial Awareness We are looking for people with an enquiring mind and a profound and genuine interest in the world of international business and the commercial environment of our clients. So we will be interested in hearing your views on the latest developments. You can prepare by reading the business press. Select news items that are of particular interest to you as these will be easier to talk about. Be ready to analyse various viewpoints on these stories
  • Application Take the time to read the form thoroughly to understand what each question is asking. Draft your answers carefully before submitting in your completed application. Make a list of the key skills and competencies you think are essential for being a successful trainee lawyer. Why us? - Be clear about why you have chosen us and why you see your future here.

Your Plus

Make a list of the key skills and competencies you think are essential for being a successful trainee lawyer. Below are our core skills that you will need to demonstrate.

  • Intellectual rigour
  • Enquiring mind
  • Global mindset
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Recruitment Adjustments

We know that attending an interview is a daunting task and concern about how we as an employer would support you if you have a disability can make this even more stressful. Our graduate recruitment team is ready to support you and we invite you to speak with us to help make suitable adjustments for you

  • Extra time If you are successful to attend an assessment day, email graduate.recruitment@nortonrosefulbright.com to discuss the adjustments required.
  • Provision of additional information Large prints are available on request.
  • Dedicated point of contact You will have a dedicated point of contact within the Campus Recruitment team

Workplace Support

By creating an environment where people can be themselves, we ensure everyone is at their most engaged and productive.

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