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Lloyds Banking Group is a financial services group that's been serving communities around the UK, for hundreds of years. With some of the most recognised brands in the nation, including Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Scottish Widows and Bank of Scotland, we make a difference to the lives of millions of people and businesses. In fact, we provide trusted services to over 30 million UK customers, 12 million online users, and 6 million mobile users. And, the numbers continue to grow.

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We're looking for the next generation of talented, ambitious and inspired individuals to join our business that's as diverse as the population of Britain.

Our exciting internship, apprenticeship, and graduate opportunities range from shaping strategy to leading digital and IT innovation; from interpreting financial figures to helping high street customers and big business clients. Whatever your interests or degree, they're designed to help you embrace your passions and strengths, and discover new ones, in a learning culture that fits around you.

Join us, and you'll find your development is our priority. You could achieve higher education and professional qualifications, as well as benefit from our award winning development journey. Or if you're just starting to explore where you'd like to work one day, you'll gain in-depth insights from experienced business leaders. Above all, you'll be supported by mentors and experienced business leaders to develop as a person and a professional.

Wherever you work, you'll discover an inclusive, collaborative and open-minded culture. We've been recognised for our achievements in diversity, including being named in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2016 and the 2016 Stonewall Top 100 Employers Index. We're one of the largest UK corporate donors to charity too. Everyone in our Group has unique qualities and goals, but they all share the desire to make a positive impact, and to help Britain prosper.

On all our programmes, we'll help you explore your interests, develop your strengths and grow professionally, to build a career that matters.

Discover what matters to you on a Lloyds Banking Group programme.

Head to our Facebook page to find out about forthcoming career events and the numerous types of programmes we offer.

Inclusion and diversity is about everyone at Lloyds Banking Group. In fact, it's central to our success. We want our business to reflect the communities we serve, so when it comes to recruitment, finding the best talent from the widest possible applicant pool makes perfect sense. It means we can better serve and meet the needs of our customers. Above all, we encourage everyone to embrace their passions, and be themselves. By being able to bring our authentic selves to work, we inspire creativity, drive, and wellbeing, and engage more successfully, as a team.

As an agile organisation, we recognise the importance of work-life balance on people's wellbeing, and how it helps us meet commitments both, in- and outside of the office. From job locations to home-working, alternative hours and job shares, we continuously find ways to improve this experience for our people.

To help us define and maintain this balance, we have a host of colleague networks, including:

  • Access: for our disabled colleagues and interested non-disabled colleagues;
  • Breakthrough: our women's network that includes male supporters;
  • Family Matters: for parents and carers;
  • Rainbow: for our LGBT colleagues and allies; and
  • REACH: our racial, ethnic and cultural heritage network

These networks are focused as much on awareness as they are on helping the specific groups they represent, embrace their uniqueness. What's more, each diversity strand also has its own executive sponsor, who is passionate about making Lloyds Banking Group a better place for all.

We're proud to say that not only do people with disabilities bring unique skills and abilities to Lloyds Banking Group; they are integral to us becoming the best bank for all our customers.

In our latest 2016 employee engagement survey, 5,779 people disclosed a disability or long-term health condition. And, as the Group potentially serves 6 million customers with disabilities, it's a clear business case for embracing even greater diversity within our business.

That's why our Helping Britain Prosper plan includes a commitment to increase the engagement of colleagues with disabilities, and retaining our Gold Standard from the Business Disability Forum (BDF).

This is all spearheaded by David Oldfield, Group Director for Retail and Consumer Finance, and executive sponsor for disability and the Group Disability Programme. David received a Disability Smart Award from the BDF in 2015 for his work, and the Group has also received awards for its leading Workplace Adjustments programme and colleague disability network, Access.

Lloyds Banking Group provides a range of support for colleagues with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

Workplace Adjustments

It's important to us that people know how we value their strengths, contribution, and development. That's why we've designed an industry-leading adjustments model, and why we're recognised, externally, as being at the forefront of delivering these adjustments. Not only have we delivered over 45,000 adjustments, in partnership with Microlink since 2013, but our model has been shared with a host of other employers through the Business Disability Forum.

Our process ensures that each individual has their requirements assessed by an independent advisor and recommendations for tailored adjustments are agreed through this process. By enabling people to work under the conditions that meet their needs, we're ensuring they can perform to the best of their ability.

Adjustments can be:

  • physical, including assistive technologies and adjustable desks; or
  • non-physical, including changes to working patterns and flexible working.

If you are successful in securing a role with Lloyds Banking Group, we will work with you to ensure your adjustments are delivered in time for your starting date.

More information can be found in our disability recruitment leaflet:

Colleague Network, Access

Access is the Group's disability network, run by our employees, for their colleagues. The network has over 4,000 members including people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, as well as internal disability advocates.

It's an inclusive network that's created a tightknit community of friends who are passionate about disability, and who mentor and support each other. Plus, it helps to share best practice across our business, and increase awareness of disability.

Access provides:

  • Colleague discussion forums
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • An assistive technology user group
  • Regional representatives
  • National annual event
  • Lunch and learn teleconferences, and
  • Mentoring

Development Programmes

All individuals on our Graduate Leadership programme follow a robust development journey. Further information about this can be found on our Emerging Talent Careers website:

Lloyds Banking Group encourages and empowers all of its people to discover new interests and develop their skills. We're committed to everyone's career development, and actively provide tailored development programmes to people with disabilities so they can make the most of their strengths and potential.

One of these courses is facilitated by external disability consultant, Dr Phil Friend OBE, and author of "Why Are You Pretending To Be Normal". Since its inception in 2001, over 1,500 colleagues have attended, many of whom describe it as "a life changing experience".

Our goal is to mentor people for success, so all of these courses are designed to remove barriers through education, and help them grow within the workplace.

Present Focus, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Lloyds Banking Group has recognised that mental health and wellbeing is increasingly important in our modern industry, with one-in-four people experiencing mental health challenges, every year.

To ensure we're supporting our people in the best way we can, we provide a range of assistance to people, including workplace adjustments, agile working and anonymous counselling services. All our employees also receive comprehensive private medical benefits, which can be used to seek treatment for mental health conditions (exclusions apply).

We're also currently working with external, mental health experts, to deliver a training package that will help line managers understand ways they can support colleagues with mental health conditions.

Everyone at Lloyds Banking Group is unique and can thrive in the knowledge that they can bring their authentic self to work.

Being open with us about your disability, means we can provide the workplace adjustments that help you to perform your role, explore your passions, and excel on the talent programme you choose.

It also helps you build stronger relationships with your teams and stakeholders, so you can focus your energy on exciting opportunities, instead of worrying that it will hinder your development. If your manager and/or team know, they can support you to succeed.

We champion inclusion, and disclosure helps to continue our journey to full Disability Confidence across the whole organisation. So if you've got the right strengths and interests to join us, we can implement a range of support and development opportunities to help you grow, whatever your disability or condition.

If you have a disability or long-term health condition, please let us know on your application form and someone will be in touch to discuss them with you. We want to know what we can do to help you perform at your best, so letting us know early on means we can provide suitable support as soon as you need it.

If you'd like to talk to us before making an application, please login or sign up to view our contact details and we'll happily give you advice, guidance and reassurance.

You can also visit our Emerging Talent Careers website for all information about our programmes and the relevant disability-related FAQs,