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At GSK, we focus on creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel engaged and know their work makes an important contribution. An inclusive environment welcomes different knowledge, perspectives, experiences and working styles from across our global population. This not only enhances individual creativity and innovation, but makes good business sense.

Being an inclusive employer enables us to better understand and respond to the needs of patient and healthcare workers in all our markets and helps us attract, retain and motivate a workforce that reflects the many communities in which we operate and with whom we work.

Our commitments:
- Continue to promote inclusion and diversity globally at GSK.
- Continue to create a working environment that inspires people to grow and perform in a healthy and resilient way.
- Extend volunteering opportunities to bring about positive change to communities and global health while providing individual development.

Did you know?

GSK aims to create a working environment that inspires and supports people to grow and perform in a safe, healthy, resilient way. Our Energy For Performance and personal resilience training programme provides employees with support to reduce stress at work and at home, and to improve energy levels and productivity. In 2012 an additional 6400 employees took part in one or more resilience programmes


  • Summer Internship Programmes are available in many disciplines including science, engineering, business, IT, and more. Applicants should expect an exciting and challenging experience.

    Intake: April
    Length: 8-12 weeks
  • Industrial placements We offer a whole range of industrial placements as part of a recognised sandwich degree - these cover Engineering, IT, R&D Science, Sales, Marketing, Communications, HR, Procurement (Purchasing), Supply Chain and Finance


  • Future Leaders Programme Become a Future Leader at GSK and help change the face of healthcare.

    Intake: August
    Length: 2 years

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Additional Opportunities

Tips for applying

Recruiters share their top tips for anyone thinking of applying for a role at GSK.

  • Different experiences We're looking for people with commercial awareness and good communication skills, and we want team players. Those skills can be developed through all sorts of experiences
  • Interview Prep Do your research, think about the questions you're likely to be asked - even arrange to have a couple of mock interviews. If you know what to expect, you'll feel more confident and you're more likely to do yourself justice
  • Disability Confident It's a part of who you are, not something to hide. We'll do everything we can to make the adjustments you need.

Your Plus

You need to have real ambition, a genuine interest in your chosen career path and a self-motivated, proactive approach. You’ll need to be a clear, effective communicator who can work across boundaries and quickly build a rapport with a wide range of people.

Just as important is the ability to adapt to change and stay focused when the pressure is on. While you’ll have the drive and confidence to trust your own judgement, you’ll also be a team player who enjoys working with others. Not least, you’ll need an analytical mind, a talent for multi-tasking and the ability to influence people.

  • Industry interest
  • Self-motivation
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Drive
  • Team player

Recruitment Adjustments

We want people with disabilities to be able to access our full range of recruitment and career opportunities. We continue to strive to make our processes accessible to all and have a long standing commitment to a number of disability organisations such as the Business Disability Forum in the UK

  • Increased time available When you are completing your verbal and numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension tests, as well as increased preparation time at assessment centres.
  • Hard copy We can arrange for a hard copy version of your tests to be completed within the office.
  • Contact point You have opportunity throughout our recruitment process to speak directly to a member of our graduate recruitment team about their needs and requirements

Workplace Support

We want our people to do their best work in a way that not only meets the needs of the business, but also their individual needs. That's why we take workplace adjustments so seriously.

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