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Citi meets the financial needs of millions of clients, including individuals, businesses and governments. With operations in over 100 countries, we’re one of the world’s most diverse companies. Our international outlook has seen us enter markets such as Pakistan, Dubai and Kazakhstan before they emerged, and in every jurisdiction we match global thinking with local knowledge to deliver superior levels of service.

As an employer of choice, Citi aims to attract and retain the best people. We look for applicants who are innovative and motivated and who wish to make a meaningful contribution to our business. In return we offer outstanding opportunities for professional growth and exciting career prospects. We encourage and embrace applications regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or any other difference. Indeed, Citi thrives on the diversity of its people. Diversity and inclusion are central to our culture and business strategy.

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Since Citi opened its first office in New York in 1812, it has answered the needs of economies, businesses and communities in hundreds of cities, in over 160 countries, thriving in the most challenging times over a 200 year history. Citi’s global presence isn’t just a question of size, it’s a way of thinking.

A career with Citi means being part of a global firm that provides the most forward-thinking financial products and solutions to the most enterprising corporations, institutions, governments and individuals around the world.

Citi’s success is driven by its exceptional people – their passion, dedication and entrepreneurship – and it will be people just like you who will shape its future. At Citi, learning doesn’t stop at graduation and there are many ways to embark on a rewarding career path, enjoying the global opportunities and long-term training and development initiatives experienced by over 260,000 employees worldwide.

Citi offers full-time, placement and internship opportunities across a number of its business areas, including Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Capital Markets Origination, Markets and Securities Services, Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS), Investment Research, Private Bank, Risk Management, Human Resources, Operations and Technology. Citi also offers insight programmes enabling students in their first year (or in their second year of a four year course) to experience first-hand the Citi culture and environment. Graduates interested in this industry with drive, commitment and a passion for learning are encouraged to apply.

This is the opportunity to be part of an exciting period in the development of the global financial services industry, working with the brightest minds to drive responsible, positive change across the organisation, the banking industry, and beyond.

Application process:

Apply online at with a CV and Covering Letter

We would love to meet you at one of our events. Please check our website for details of all events taking place near you:

At Citi, we recognise our diversity as a competitive advantage. In a global marketplace, it's vital that an organisation provides a wide range of ideas and solutions to its clients. A diverse workforce not only understands its clients better but is more creative and innovative on their behalf. To maintain our competitive edge it's essential that we continue to grow a workforce with different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas. A diverse workforce fuels an organisation like Citi, colleagues with a wide range of experiences and skills learn from one another helping to develop their full potential.

At Citi, we believe that diversity is a combination of inclusion, opportunity and meritocracy. The majority of diversity work is completed "by the people, for the people." Citi has approximately 42 employee networks around the world addressing disability, ethnicity, gender, parental responsibility and sexual orientation.

If you wish to speak with an individual at Citi confidentially regarding any of the above please log in or sign up to view contact details.

We are committed to hiring the best people for our roles and we do not believe that any disability or long-term health conditions should be a barrier to that. We strongly encourage applicants who feel that they fall into this category to inform us about their condition or situation on their application form or by emailing our Disability Representative (details below). This information is treated with complete confidentiality and is used to help us arrange any adjustments to the recruitment process you may require. Examples of the reasonable adjustments that we can provide include:

  • Extra time at online test stage and at Assessment Centre
  • Printing materials on different colours of paper or in larger font
  • Wheelchair access
  • Acceptance of paper applications
  • Provision of interpreters
  • Provision of IT equipment

To give you an idea of our recruitment process we have outlined the stages below:

Apply online:

Once you know the area(s) and programme(s) you'd like to apply for, it's time to put it in writing and submit an application.

What we need from you:

  • Your CV — With full academic background including A-level and degree subjects, grades, UCAS points and all other relevant details.
  • A cover letter — Why are you interested in financial services? Citi? Your business area? Tell us here. We'd also like to know what makes you great on top of your academic achievements. What else have you done that you are proud of, and what skills from those things will be of use here?
  • At least a 2.1 in your degree (a result already or one that's predicted). Do let us know in advance though if you think there are extenuating circumstances we should consider.

Psychometric tests:

If we like the look of your application, we'll invite you to take one of our online psychometric tests so we can get a more objective understanding of your skills. For most business areas this will be a Numerical Analysis test. For Operations, Technology and Human Resources, it's a Logical Reasoning test. We are more than happy to discuss this with you and any adjustments that can be made.

First-round interviews:

Many of our roles will involve a first-round interview where we get to talk. This stage is usually two 40-minute interviews with the part of the business you've applied to. It is normally at our offices or it may be over the phone. We give you more information at this stage, but broadly at this stage what we're looking for is:

  • Your experiences so far and how they match up to the key skills we're after
  • A spark. Interest and motivation for us, the industry and your chosen business area
  • Usually a repeat performance in the psychometric test

Assessment centre:

For the assessment centre you will be invited into our offices for a day to do various tasks, depending on your business area. Usually the day will contain:

  • Further interviews about your skills and competencies
  • A case study presentation
  • A group exercise

If there are adjustments we can make to any part of this process that are reasonable and will make you feel comfortable, we would be happy to discuss this with you. We can do this at any stage; however, it would be helpful if you could communicate this at the start of the process so that we have plenty of time and notice to make adjustments.