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Developing and producing energy resources that benefit people the world over is our motivation – it’s what drives us. So we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable. Demanding more of the resources we use in an effort to create a more sustainable future. And it’s our talented people who make this all possible. The experiences, skills and perspectives that make up our team all have their role to play. And when they come together, our future has no limits. And neither does yours.

Our Programmes

Geoscientists sending sound waves through the earth to find new oil and gas reserves. Engineers building platforms in the ocean for extraction. Traders anticipating and reacting to changes in the markets. We take on graduates and interns at every stage of the energy life cycle. And wherever you join us, you’ll start a career path that can really take you places.

Our Programmes

Geoscientists sending sound waves through the earth to find new oil and gas reserves. Engineers building platforms in the ocean for extraction. Traders anticipating and reacting to changes in the markets. We take on graduates and interns at every stage of the energy lifecycle. And wherever you join us, you’ll know you’re having a real impact on the organisation.

So whether you want to be a future business leader, a world-class scientist or ground-breaking engineer, we have a programme to suit. For graduates, our three year ‘Challenge’ and Integrated Supply & Trading (IST) programmes will give you the skills and experience you need to be a success – whatever field you’re in. For penultimate-year undergraduates and postgraduates, our paid internships last for a full 12 months or for 11 weeks over the summer months – giving you a chance to gain valuable insights into how BP works as a business.

You’ll learn a lot as a BP graduate or intern. But most important of all, you’ll learn that everyone’s contribution is valued and everyone’s perspective is different.

Who We’re Looking For

We offer a breadth of opportunity in engineering, science and business that you can come to us with a good degree in practically any discipline Our online degree matcher will help you find out where your skills could take you with BP, so take a look

Whatever your talents and whatever your goals, we’ll expect you to have a high level of academic achievement. But just as important will be the individual attributes and personal qualities you bring.

Because our whole approach isn’t built on academia. It’s built on teamwork and respect, inclusion and ambition. It’s this approach that means we can deliver excellent energy safely. And it’s these values that you’ll share.

Our Recruitment Process

Visit our website Once you’ve discovered your perfect programme, click on ‘apply’. The application consists of an online application form followed by a situational judgment questionnaire consisting of multiple choice questions. This test can be saved and revisited. If you’re successful at the application stage, we’ll invite you to complete our short online tests. These tests are timed and cannot be saved and revisited – they last roughly 12 minutes each - but you’ll be given a chance to practise questions before submitting the real thing.

Our first interview focuses on your personal attributes and experiences. It will be done over the phone at a time and location convenient to you. We’ll then assess your technical skills in a scenario-based interview with one of our technical experts in site. The final stage consists of a series of different scenarios – some individual, some group-based – all derived from the type of work you might be doing here at BP.

We attend careers fairs and events across a large number of UK universities. Please contact your university careers service for details of our visits.

Please visit our careers page for case studies of a diverse range of graduates working in many different areas of BP -

We’re a global company and we operate in an increasingly inter-connected world. Diversity is about making sure the differences we see in the world around us are reflected in our workplace. It’s about building diversity of thought into the organisation, by consciously attracting the best talent to BP, no matter where that talent comes from. But diversity isn’t enough. For diverse talent to thrive, we need inclusion. Inclusion is having a culture where everyone is valued and plays their part in building our success. It’s about staying curious and open, learning from our mistakes and from each other. If we have an inclusive culture, we’ll naturally attract the most diverse talent, because the widest possible range of people will want to come and work for us.
Supporting accessibility within BP, BP Accessibility breaks down barriers related to long term illnesses, injuries, and disabilities. We aspire to ensure everyone is able to reach their full potential by providing the tools and resources to make BP a productive work environment for all staff.
Diversity is real at BP. We want our teams to reflect the markets we serve across the globe and every day, we see the benefits of encouraging new perspectives. So as a company, we’ve set ambitious diversity goals. And as people, we’re doing everything we can to make sure we reach them. By 2020 more than half of our operations will be in developing countries, giving us a fantastic opportunity to find and grow local employees. In the same year, we also hope to reach 25% female group leaders and 30% female senior-level leaders. How do we plan on doing it? By continuing to assess staffing decisions, run training sessions and offer mentoring programmes – creating opportunities across every level of BP for talented, motivated people to step in, move up and make a change.

Employees have established groups around a range of interests, including gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. These groups support the business in terms of recruitment, development and motivation of our employees.

During our application and assessment process we are able to make adjustments for applicants. We encourage applicants to contact us prior to submitting their application if necessary, or letting us know of the adjustments they may need when making an application. There is a dedicated member of the Graduate Recruitment Team who is available to discuss the adjustments we can make and the support we are able to provide.

Please let us know if you need an adjustment, for example due to an illness, injury or a disability. Simple log in or sign up to view contact details. A dedicated member of our team will be able to advise on what adjustments can be made according to your individual requirements. All information provided to us by you will be treated with complete confidentiality. These are some examples of adjustments that may be made. Please note this list is not exhaustive but is intended to give you an idea of the kind of adjustments we can make:

  • Extra time at online test stage and assessment centre
  • Wheelchair access at our venues
  • Acceptance of paper applications
  • A contact within the Graduates Resourcing team throughout the application process
  • Visit the location of your interview / assessment centre prior to the scheduled event date
  • Written rather than verbal instructions at assessment centre
  • Communication support such as interpreters

BP is helping to raise awareness of para-sports as a partner of the International Paralympic Committee. Our employees participate in related events and raise money for para-sports, with funds matched by BP.