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Many recruiters use online testing as a way of screening applicants and reducing the number being taken through to the interview stage. There are various types of tests, these include but are not limited to numerical, verbal reasoning, logical and personality.

You wouldn't go into an exam without doing some revision first; the same goes for recruitment tests. Many recruiters will have practice tests on their careers websites and it is advisable to prepare by taking as many as you can. Practice tests can also be found online.

Top Tips:
  • Practice as much as possible prior to taking a test as part of the recruitment process.
  • As a result of practising the tests, be clear what adjustments you are going to need and why.
Practicing the tests may provide you with a clearer understanding of the impact your disability has on your ability to complete the tests and what adjustments you may be require.
Your disability or long-term health condition may mean that in order for you to demonstrate your full potential you need to have an adjustment to the test. These adjustments will vary depending on what type of test it is, how it is structured and how you are required to perform the tasks.

You must inform the recruiter of the adjustments you require prior to taking the tests; leaving it until afterwards is too late and you may not be given the opportunity to re-sit them.

Top Tips:
  • Be knowledgeable of what adjustments you will require in order that the tests are not a barrier to your success.
  • Inform the recruiter as early as you can about the adjustments you will need.
To ensure the appropriate adjustments are made for you, you must inform the recruiter of your requirements.
  • Practice. Ensure you are prepared for the test you are going to sit.
  • Request any required adjustments. Ensure you request the adjustments in plenty of time for them to be implemented.
  • A quiet environment. Ensure you are somewhere quiet and not going to be interrupted for the duration of the test.
  • Speed and accuracy. Both are both important in order to produce the optimal results of the test.

Practising and preparing for these tests will increase your understanding of the testing process and help you to succeed.

Top Tips

Familiarise yourself with the different types of tests and what they are designed to assess.

For each test you are asked to sit, find out about it before you take it.