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The Importance of Peer Support

  June 28, 2016   

In a recent article for The Guardian, Katharine Quarmby explores the scale and reasons behind the "disability employment gap".

Reflecting on the statistics, with a global employment gap average of 20%, Katharine rightly comments that "being denied the opportunity to work when you want to and are able to is frustrating for disabled people" in a world where 15% of the population live with a disability.

Yet while the article paints a predominately negative picture, there are reasons for optimism as research affirms that peer support networks and disabled role models are the key to boosting employment levels among disabled people.

This is something we are proud to be part of at Great With Disability, through providing disabled students and graduates with access to inclusive employers, helpful resources, and a wealth of success stories and interviews from disabled individuals succeeding in the workplace.

Have a read of the full Guardian article here and then head back to Great With Disability to browse the many encouraging stories and top tips the website contains.