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Kitchen Impossible: Changing Attitudes

  November 2, 2015   

Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr is currently to be found challenging his industry's perception of disability in a new Channel 4 series - Kitchen Impossible.

The London restaurant industry is experiencing a recruitment crisis and Roux Jr believes employing more people with disabilities could be the answer. In Kitchen Impossible, the chef is training young people with disabilities ranging from blindness, autism and Tourette’s syndrome to work in his restaurant - Le Gavroche.

Roux Jr does not make any allowances for the young people involved so that their experience in his kitchen will help them in future employment. Roux Jr believes the attitudes of restaurant bosses and customers alike have to change, saying he wouldn’t mind being served by someone with Tourette’s who started swearing while serving his food – as long as the service was good and delivered in the correct manner.

Great With Disability founder, Helen Cooke, has been impressed:

“In addition to addressing the shortfall of labour, it is fantastic that Roux Jr also recognises that leveraging the talent pool of disabled people into front of house roles could have a positive impact on changing attitudes towards our perceptions of what disabled individuals are capable of.”

Every disabled person is unique and able to contribute to society in a meaningful way – thank you to Michel Roux Jr for showcasing this fact! The series continues on Thursday at 9pm.