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Employable Me, Employable You

  April 6, 2016   

Following the success of Kitchen Impossible last year, another documentary is making headlines and highlighting the challenges faced by job seekers with neurological conditions.

Employable Me follows some "extraordinary job seekers whose brains are wired differently", including Paul who has a severe form of Tourette's and Brett who is on the Autism spectrum. Both are desperate to find work, and both have incredible strengths to offer the right employers.

"Businesses are starting to realise that neuro-diverse conditions like Autism and Tourette's can bring creativity, innovation and real brilliance into the workplace."
Nancy Doyle, an occupational psychologist consulted on Employable Me

If you want to see how the right job with the right support can change lives and organisations, catch the third installment tonight on BBC2 at 9pm, and catch up on BBC iPlayer.

You can also be inspired and encouraged by the many stories found here from individuals who are succeeding in their chosen organisations despite facing obstacles.