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Disabled Access Day 12th March

  March 10, 2016   

Disabled Access Day is a national awareness day that seeks to increase conversations between venues and disabled people and raise awareness around disabled access. The first Disabled Access Day was held in 2015 and this year Disabled Access Day takes place on Saturday 12th March.

Go somewhere you’ve never been before!

The concept for Disabled Access Day is quite simple – visit a place you have never been before. Go to a café, use public transport, go to a museum or a football match - the choice is yours. Several venues and organisations across the UK are also holding special events on the day, including the National Theatre in London.

Create confidence, highlight accessible venues, and raise awareness

Disabled Access Day seeks to give disabled people and their carers the confidence to explore new places, highlight accessible venues across the UK and raise awareness of the importance of disabled access.

How can you participate?

As a disabled person this day gives you the opportunity to go somewhere new and know that it will be accessible for you. Visit Disabled Access Day’s website to find events in your local area and to learn more about how you can get involved.