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Feeling Stressed?

  October 13, 2015   

The number of students seeking help to deal with stress is on the rise according to statistics presented in a BBC article. Counselling services at UK universities are facing a 10% annual increase in demand, with more and more students suffering from depression, anxiety and low moods. The percentage of students at risk of self harm has also risen.

The Stress Factor

Students face a lot of pressure to succeed, academically and socially, and experts are citing cultural and social changes as contributing factors for this increase in mental health problems. One student, who suffered from depression in her first year, commented on the pressure of always “being on”. Financial struggles are a common stress trigger too, with increasing costs, debt and uncertain job prospects.

University life also poses additional challenges for disabled students, with some disabilities flaring up or being experienced more acutely in new situations and unfamiliar surroundings. In such cases disabled students require additional support and adjustments to minimise potential stress points and make the transition into a new environment as smooth as possible.

With such an increase in demand, university counselling services (and disabled student support services) will undoubtedly need to be strengthened to safeguard student welfare and provide support for the most vulnerable. For those thinking about recruitment and managing their disability at work, you can find a wealth of resources here.