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Talent is the single most important asset in your organisation. You naturally want to recruit the very best talent and to do this you need to be inclusive of everyone.

10% of graduates in 2013 had a disability and this number is continuing to grow. As are the number of disabled school leavers. makes it easy for you to engage with this talent pool. It also provides you with a platform to talk extensively about your approach to disability and to show case what you are doing.

We have a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to ensure that we engage with, and build a database of, disabled students. This includes, but is not limited to, leveraging relationships with university careers advisers and disability managers, attending careers fairs, hosting events, advertising in relevant media, harnessing ?parent power?, use of social media, and relationships with disability organisations.
Then we will help you achieve this. Becoming disability confident takes time for all organisations; it is a journey and your have to start somewhere. Even if you don?t consider your organisation to be great at it currently it is certainly something that you will want to achieve.

Helen Cooke, the founder of Great With Disability, is the UK?s leading expert in student recruitment and disability; Helen can work with you to help build your confidence and expertise in this area.

We can get your organisation?s profile live within 24 hours of receiving your copy. We recognise that some elements are more challenging to complete than others, such as the employee profiles and therefore encourage you to send us what you have as soon as you are able to. Providing we have the About Us and Disability parts of your profile, it can go live on the site.
The standard company profile runs for 12 months. The other elements start at one month and can then be tailored to meet your needs.
Traditionally, the key graduate recruitment season is in the Autumn and we therefore strongly advise that your profile is live on from mid-September to maximise on this. However, there is good traffic levels to the site all year round hence the 12 month duration of our standard package.
We tailor bespoke campaign packages around your budget. Please call us on 01753 360018 for more information.
Simply give us a call on 01753 360018 or drop us an email at xxx and we will be able to guide you through the booking process. We will provide you with a booking form and copy requirements. Once we get the booking form and copy back, we can get you live on site within 24 hours.