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We value diversity. Some 10% of the participants in the 2016 cohort of our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) told us they had a disability.

"Teach First is a fantastic place to work and I feel very privileged to work for an organisation with such an important vision for the future."

Tallulah Bygraves

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About Us

Did you know that the link between low socio-economic background and poor educational attainment is greater in the UK than almost any other developed country?

If you grow up in a low-income community, you won’t have the same chances in life as your wealthier neighbours. It’s one of the UK’s biggest social injustices. We want to change this, and are working towards a day when no child’s success is limited by their socio-economic background.

Research shows that high quality teaching and leadership can make a huge difference to educational attainment and the life chances of young people. So we are building a movement of leaders to inspire young people from the poorest backgrounds to achieve their full potential. We do this by supporting people like you to become influential leaders across all sectors through our Leadership Development Programme.

We offer a two-year, paid programme based on global best practice and research. Participants receive world-class teaching and leadership training leading to a fully-funded Post-Graduate Diploma in Education and Leadership (PGDE). It also includes the option to top up the PGDE to a Master’s degree that is specifically designed to further develop your effectiveness as a leader and a teacher.

Being part of our Leadership Development Programme will also give you access to some of the most influential organisations and experts in the professional world – a diverse range of connections who share a commitment to ending educational inequality and value the skills and experiences that our participants gain through the programme.

Teach First participants come from a multitude of backgrounds and have different plans for the future. But all have one thing in common: they join Teach First to be part of a movement that changes lives within classrooms, schools and across society.

Did you know?

We value diversity. Some 10% of the participants in the 2016 cohort of our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) told us they had a disability. The 2016 cohort also graduated from 120 different universities, and 43% of them were first-generation university students. We welcome this diversity and are committed to ensuring our selection process is an inclusive experience for all candidates.

Accessibility Awards

2011 - introduced 'blind recruitment' to support recruitment of diverse candidates
2013 - won 'Recruiting Diverse Talent' at the Race for Opportunity Awards
2014 - won TARGETjobs Diversity Recruitment Award
2014 - became a Stonewall Diversity Champion
2016 - won 'Business in the Community' Diversity Award


  • Insight Programme On our award-winning internship you'll spend a week learning the basics of teaching and leadership and a week in one of our partner schools.
    Intake: Twice a year
    Length: Two weeks
  • Taster Programme We are now closed for applications. Please check back in the autumn for new programme dates for 2017/18.


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Additional Opportunities

  • Brand Manager Programme A part-time, paid role working alongside our recruitment team at your university.
  • Teach First Societies Our societies help to raise awareness of the work we do, fundraise for our Futures mentoring programme, and volunteer in the community.

Tips for applying

We recommend you speak to one of our experienced recruitment team before you submit your application: they're here to provide support and advice. Taking it on board may make all the difference.

  • Be open We strongly encourage you to share information about your disability on your application form to ensure we are able to support you throughout the application and selection process and enable you to demonstrate your full potential. The information you provide will be confidential and will only be shared with our assessors, who need to be aware of necessary adjustments. It will not form part of our selection process.
  • Use your best examples The application is your opportunity to demonstrate some of the competencies which we think are essential for success on the programme. We recommend that you take time to consider what your best example for each question is. Feel free to draw on professional, voluntary, personal or academic experiences. As our questions are competency based, we are more interested in the skills and behaviours you have demonstrated than the opportunities you have had. Be explicit, we cannot infer or assume.
  • Try using the CAR approach for your answer We're looking for plenty of detail in your answers. To help you cover all the necessary points, try using the following structure in the competency choice question:

    • C: provide the Context for the situation.
    • A: focus on what Actions you took.
    • R: include what the Result was.

Your Plus

Teach First is a values-driven organisation. Our values shape our culture and how we operate and we expect you to model them throughout the application process and during your time on the programme.

Our values translate into our selection competencies, which we use to assess your potential to become an impactful leader. To find a full list of our values, visit our application and selection webpage.

  • Humility, respect and empathy As a Teach First participant you will be working with a variety of stakeholders from pupils to parents, teachers to peers. We look for those that can build relationships quickly, giving value and respect to others to get the best out of them.
  • Interaction Communicating clearly whilst listening and responding appropriately is very important. As a participant you will need to adapt your style in different situations and contribute as a great team player.
  • Understanding and Motivation You will need to show passion for Teach First, our vision and mission, as well as understanding and enthusiasm for the Leadership Development Programme.
  • Leadership You will need to be proactive and make decisions on a daily basis as you strive to achieve above and beyond expectations. Taking the lead will be crucial for success.
  • Planning and Organising As a Teach First participant you will need to manage daily responsibilities and juggle your priorities. You will need to work efficiently and effectively to meet deadlines and deliver successfully.
  • Problem Solving Every day you will face new challenges and will have to come up with considered, effective and appropriate solutions in response. Whilst drawing on resources and logic you will also need to use creativity and innovation to be successful.

Recruitment Adjustments

We offer a personalised recruitment process to ensure that whatever your situation, you are able to transition onto the LDP as easily as possible. Adjustments are offered on a case-by-case basis at our LDP assessment centre, tailored to the needs of individual candidates. Just some of the examples of adjustments that we offer include:

  • Additional time to complete written exercises
  • Enlarged text for visually impaired candidates
  • Access for wheelchair users

Workplace Support

MyPlus Graduates

  • Lucy Freeman photo
    Lucy Freeman, Teach First Ambassador My left leg below the knee is prosthetic, I have an abnormal right arm with no hand and no digits, and an abnormal left hand with two digits. If I get a new class I tend to just explain my disability to them and give them the chance to ask questions.

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MyPlus Professionals

  • Tallulah Bygraves photo
    Tallulah Bygraves, Teach First Ambassador & Selection Manager "Teach First is a fantastic place to work and I feel very privileged to work for an organisation with such an important vision for the future."

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  • Naomi Hosker photo
    Naomi Hosker, 2011 Teach First ambassador, deputy safeguarding lead and teacher of science (former head of department and lead practitioner of science) Teach First and my school worked together to develop a personalised disability support plan for me which included things like deadline extensions for assignments. However, I was fortunate that all my mentors were always incredibly personable and supportive anyway.

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