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No one type of person succeeds at KPMG; a diverse business requires diverse personalities, characters and perspectives.

"KPMG established an internal Disability Network for employees in 2005, part of which I now lead. I feel that this is helping to change the culture within the Firm in relation to disability."

Ben Iles

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About Us

Our people are at the heart of our continued success and being part of KPMG is being part of a community of talented and innovative people, working together to have a positive, lasting impact on clients. No one type of person succeeds at KPMG; a diverse business requires diverse personalities, characters and perspectives.

In October 2014, we launched our Inclusive Leadership strategy and our firm-wide diversity targets. These spell out how we want our firm to look in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation by 2018. These clear objectives will help to shape our recruitment and development activities and make sure we are removing any barriers to us having the right talent in the right roles.

The WorkAbility Network

WorkAbility is KPMG's employee network for people with a disability or colleagues who have a personal interest in this area, for example, those who care for a disabled family member. The network offers support and guidance for employees and signposts to external sources of information and support.

Be Mindful Network

Be Mindful has been set up by colleagues to support a mentally healthy KPMG. As a sub-group within WorkAbility, Be Mindful aims to provide a safe space for colleagues to share their experiences and gain support around mental health. Promoting positive mental wellbeing is critical to helping ourselves and our colleagues enjoy productive, satisfying and successful careers at KPMG. Members of Be Mindful help by providing information, signposting and someone to listen to. In Be Mindful, we recognise that one of the best ways we can make it easier for colleagues to come forward and seek support is knowing that other people have done it too.

Did you know?

We know diversity and inclusion is good for our business and the communities in which we operate. In fact, we were the first major UK company to publish disability recruitment targets and our Inclusive Leadership strategy is the most detailed of our industry group.

We recognise that our inclusive environment provides a better service to clients and makes for a great place to work. That's why we value difference and seek out potential. There really is a place for you here.

We want to attract, retain and grow diverse talent at all levels. To achieve this and help build more diverse teams that truly represent the society in which we work, we’ve set ambitious targets on gender, sexual orientation, disability and ethnicity. Ultimately, to create an environment where our people can bring their whole selves to work.Our Inclusion & Diversity team also works to embed inclusion into our behaviours, people processes and culture. Our vision is to build KPMG as somewhere all our people can feel confident being themselves:

Our clients see a difference in us because we are committed to offering solutions that maximise thought diversity, and we gladly collaborate with them to enable them to access the same levels of diversity by sharing our knowledge on best practice in Inclusion & Diversity.

The public trusts us because we are recognised thought leaders in Inclusion & Diversity. We support the government and all the communities we are a part of in Inclusion & Diversity best practice and innovation.

Find out more about our inclusive culture here.

Accessibility Awards

In 2014, our commitment to disability recruitment targets was recognised by the Business Disability Forum. In 2013, we were awarded silver medal and named Best Business to Business Service Provider in the Disability Standard.


  • First Year Programmes Our First Year Programmes have been designed to help you find out more about KPMG and the different types of projects and client work you could be involved in if you embarked on a career with us.

    This is the perfect opportunity to develop new skills and enjoy new experiences – experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. You’ll get an insider’s view into one of the world’s leading business advisory firms, the work we do, the industries we work in and the big issues facing our clients. 


Additional Opportunities

Tips for applying

As you’d expect, our standards are very high, and there is naturally a lot of competition. So, not everyone is offered a job. But we have designed our application process to give you the best chance of being your best. And we’ve put together some tips to help you make the most of the opportunity.

  • Research different career paths You can find out more by researching the different career paths available. Make use of employee profiles, other sections on our website and other company websites. You could even research online careers services and Professional Institute websites (for example, ICAEW, ICAS, CFA) to find out more. Your University Careers Service will also be an invaluable source of information on a career in Audit, Tax or Advisory. If you need more information you can visit our Contact page
  • Live Chats Speak to a member of our Student Recruitment team. These online sessions run throughout the year and give an opportunity for prospective applicants to ask questions in real time to a team of representatives from the student recruitment team and other staff within the firm.
  • Demonstrate your diverse strengths There’s no single type of person who succeeds at KPMG. Our business thrives on diversity.  What we look for is people with something special to offer. So we’re just as interested in other aspects of your experience and other parts of your character. Overall, we’re looking for people with a strong awareness of business, a curiosity to find out more and the ability to think of new ways to solve problems. We’re also interested in people who take pride in their work, have integrity, strive to improve themselves and can build strong relationships that bring out the best in others. When preparing for your interview, you should think about these areas carefully and consider how you’ve demonstrated these behaviours in your life. This could have been through academic work, hobbies, part-time jobs or extra-curricular activities. Please find more tips on our website:

Your Plus

During the recruitment process you might hear the phrase ‘Behavioural Capabilities’ a lot. These are the skills and behaviours that unite every person here at KPMG. We don’t just want to know how you act in certain situations – we want to see that you believe in the values that underpin our business.

We look at the six key areas below. You should consider how you’ve demonstrated these behaviours in your life, using specific recent examples. These can be from hobbies and academia, to part-time jobs and extra-curricular activities. Remember what you did, the role you played and the challenges you faced.

  • Career Motivation Deciding where to begin your career can be challenging. You might apply to a number of different organisations, but we want to see that you’ve thought about why you want to work for us in particular, and have thought carefully about your chosen field.
  • Delivers Quality To achieve exceptional results, you’ll need to be able to plan, prioritise and prepare in advance. 
  • Drives Collaboration and Inclusion Building deep relationships is a big part of success at KPMG. Ours is a diverse and inclusive culture so whichever area of our business you join, you’ll work as part of a team on a regular basis.  We’re looking for people who thrive working in a team and enjoy discussing ideas. Client contact is also a huge part of what we do, so being able to make lasting connections is crucial.
  • Strives for Continual Improvement The opportunities available at KPMG are vast. If you want to develop both professionally and personally, we can offer you the tools to go far but you’ll drive a big part of that journey yourself.  We expect you to have the motivation to achieve your potential.
  • Exercises Professional Judgement At KPMG, we’ll provide you with the autonomy to make decisions so we need to be sure you have the ability to analyse information and justify your approach with clarity and confidence.
  • Makes an Impact To make a positive lasting impression with colleagues and clients, you must be able to communicate passionately and professionally. It’s important that people are confident in what you have to say, and that you’re able to convey your point in an influential way.

Recruitment Adjustments

At KPMG we’re committed to encouraging diversity in the recruitment, retention and development of our people. Any data you provide will be held in strict confidence and will enable us to make any reasonable adjustments necessary and allow us to track how successful we are in recruiting talented people, irrespective of difference.

Do get in touch with a recruiter if you have any special requirements which should be taken into account or that need accommodating during the recruitment process.

  • Increased time available. When you are completing your verbal and numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension tests, as well as increased preparation time at assessment centres.
  • Hard copy We can arrange for a hard copy version of your tests to be completed within the office.
  • Contact point. You will have a dedicated point of contact within the Student Recruitment team.

Workplace Support

We have a range of services to support you once you've joined our organisation.

MyPlus Graduates

  • Jessica  photo
    Jessica , Manager, Technology Solutions at KPMG "I want to encourage as many people as possible to speak about their mental health, even if it’s just with one person, and get yourself some help, because you deserve it."

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  • Liz Jessop photo
    Liz Jessop, Audit Assistant in Cambridge Office As an Organisation KPMG are very proactive when it comes to Disability. They are always very responsive to new ideas and change in the workplace.

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MyPlus Professionals

  • Ben Iles photo
    Ben Iles, Assistant Tax Manager Ben: "Throughout my time at KPMG I have had full-time Support Workers to assist me in the office with administrative tasks and some personal care that I require during the day."

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  • Mark Russell photo
    Mark Russell, Executive - Capital Advisory Group Mark: "I have always been given lots of support from my colleagues and they understand my disability and I feel comfortable and able to ask them for assistance if I need it whether it be with administrative tasks or simply getting lunch."

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  • Guy Arthur Bush  photo
    Guy Arthur Bush , Assistant Sector Executive, Aerospace & Defence Guy: "One tip I would particularly give is to be as open and honest as possible about the disability you have from as early on as you can. The more open and honest you are, the more willing people will be to help you succeed and assist you whenever you need it."

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