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"I am very lucky in that my current line manager knows a lot about the characteristics of Aspergers Syndrome"

Paolo Zeppetelli

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About Us

Barclays is committed to being a disability confident organisation. Our objective is to become the most accessible and inclusive bank for all colleagues, customers and clients.

Barclays aims to be an employer of choice for talent. We are committed to providing the support that you may need to be successful at Barclays - be it equipment, flexible working, line manager support and vibrant colleague disability network, Reach. We run Disability Listening Groups, hosted by senior executives across the business; at these forums colleagues with disabilities meet with senior leaders to discuss opportunities for change to help make the working environment inclusive and accessible. Find out more about Barclays Disability Network, Reach - one of the Top 10 Global Accessibility Networks.

Did you know?

The insights of our colleagues with disabilities help us to identify new ways of making our products, services and facilities accessible to everyone.

Barclays is at the forefront of some of the biggest accessibility innovations within the Financial Services industry. Find out the ways in which we lead disability in banking:

Accessibility Awards

2018: MyPlus Students' Club Best Company Profile Award

2014: Business Disability Forum's Disability Smart Award

2014: Marketing Campaign of the year award at the European Diversity Awards for Barclays Talking ATMs

2013: Accessibility award at the Technology4Good awards

2013: Best Innovation at the UKUX Awards

2013: Gold in the Business Disability Forum benchmark in 2013 the highest available standard.


  • Summer Internships To get a sense of what it’s like to work here, experience it for yourself. Our Spring, Summer and Off-cycle internships will immerse you in our work, culture and business. You’ll learn from our people, while working on live deals and real business challenges. You may also take a significant step towards securing a full time opportunity with us.
  • Off-cycle internships An off-cycle internship offers a unique opportunity to work within one of the various teams within Banking for an extended period of time, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the work and culture and gain invaluable insights into life as a full time analyst within the Banking division of the Investment Bank at Barclays.
  • Spring insight We’re dedicated to helping you go further – and that starts from the moment you first apply. With our new Spring recruitment process, we’re moving towards a different way of thinking for our industry. It’s the most objective and fair way to see the best in our applicants – which means more diversity. It’s the most immersive way to show you what we do – which means realistic expectations for you. And on top of all that, it’s the most efficient use of your time.


  • Graduate Opportunities Gained perspective? Build your own picture. Respected and valued, you’ll challenge the views put before you, creating your own path. Our support and training will equip you to make an ever-larger contribution to work that shapes tomorrow for clients, our business and your career.

Additional Opportunities

  • Barclays UK Work to provide a seamlessly connected service, across business and consumer banking, Barclaycard and wealth management.
  • Banking Be involved in delivering financial advisory, capital raising, financing and risk management services to clients worldwide.

Tips for applying

Paul Smyth, Barclays' Head of IT Accessibility, and himself registered blind, shares his tips for would-be applicants.

  • Be upfront Don't be scared to disclose your disability at the earliest opportunity, it gives the organisation a chance to provide you with the help and support you need.
  • Be positive Managing a disability can help you develop different skills and strengths. Highlight these at interview by drawing on your own personal experiences.
  • Be assertive Be proactive and clear in asking for any reasonable adjustments that you need. Don't apologise!

Your Plus

Our people reflect more than just a bank, they reflect the world. So we've taken great care to foster a culture that will welcome and involve you whatever your background. We embrace differences and consider creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment vital to our continued business success.

No matter what your disability, we'll be looking for particular strengths and cognitive abilities – character traits and skills you’ll find in Barclays colleagues all over the business.

  • Agile learner
  • Resilient performer
  • Relationship navigator
  • Team collaborator
  • Numerical interpretor
  • Critical analyst

Recruitment Adjustments

We recognise that different people need different types of reasonable adjustments. However, these are some of the typical examples of adjustments that we can make. Contact Luke Morton for more questions and to find the best adjustments for you.

  • Increased time available When you are completing your verbal and numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension tests, as well as increased preparation time at assessment centres.
  • Hard copy We can arrange for a hard copy version of your tests to be completed within the office.
  • Contact point You will have a dedicated point of contact within the Campus Recruitment team.

Workplace Support

Our commitment to becoming more accessible and inclusive means that we must constantly improve the solutions that are provided to support colleagues with disabilities, health conditions or impairments who may require adjustments to their working environment in order to be productive and reach their full potential.

MyPlus Graduates

Read what these graduates have to say about: Their career at Barclays Managing disability at work Tips and advice

  • Sophie Stowell photo
    Sophie Stowell, Strategic Analyst Barclays gave me the opportunity to tell my wider team about my disability and how it affects me. I found this incredibly valuable.

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MyPlus Professionals

  • Paolo Zeppetelli photo
    Paolo Zeppetelli, Business / Diversity Analyst "I am very lucky in that my current line manager knows a lot about the characteristics of Aspergers Syndrome"

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  • Shehryar Rizvi photo
    Shehryar Rizvi, Global Information Security – Security Operations – Chief Operating Office Barclays provides me with great support to ensure that I can perform my job fully and enjoy myself while doing it.

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