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"The Bank is very supportive. When my speech problem was particularly bad they gave me leave to attend residential courses and paid towards the treatment costs."

Usman Choudhry

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About Us

The Bank's effectiveness relies on the intelligence, experience and commitment of its people, and attracting, developing and retaining the best possible people across the Bank's diverse range of functions is essential.

To achieve this the Bank is committed to ensuring that employees (both potential and actual) are treated fairly, have a positive experience and feel able to contribute to the best of their ability. It is by focussing on these Equality, Diversity and Inclusion imperatives that allows us to deliver our objectives in the most efficient way.

The Bank has actively pursued disability initiatives for several years, as a member of the Employers Forum on Disability since 1990, as a recognised Disability Confident employer, and with an active disability network since 2008.

The Bank's disability network includes staff with a disability or those who have an interest in disability. The purpose of the network is to promote and encourage awareness of disability matters. It aims to support staff with a disability by ensuring the Bank's facilities, environment and polices are effective and accessible and by championing the value of disabled talent.

The network meets every 6 weeks to discuss disability issues and to put forward any actions that are required. The network regularly invites high-profile speakers to the Bank and is involved in work related to recruitment, security, technology, events and facilities. In addition to this network, there are plenty of social activities across all of our diversity groups and there are plenty of social and sports clubs at the Bank that anyone can get involved in.

Did you know?

Our success depends on having the best possible talent in all areas of our operations, working in an environment where new ideas and approaches contribute to our effectiveness. This means not only an inclusive approach to recruitment, encouraging people with diverse backgrounds, thinking and experience to join the Bank, but also providing a work environment which supports all staff in developing to their full potential.

The Bank benefits enormously from flexible work arrangements that encourage talented people to join and stay, and a similar openness to different backgrounds and experience within the work environment is vital for the Bank's success.

Accessibility Awards

Recognised Disability Confident Employer


  • Internships Ideal for ambitious students with a readiness to learn and get involved, we're committed to providing high quality work experience to high achievers at various stages of academia. Our sought-after internship programmes offer an excellent opportunity to gain experience and contribute to work directly impacting the UK's economy.

    Length: 6/8 weeks


  • Graduate Opportunities Our graduate programme offers the chance to develop a career at the heart of the UK economy. But it's not all about economics. Our programme is open to applicants from all disciplines, and has a real focus on personal development.

    The new, more transparent ways of working that are so intrinsic to One Bank will give you access to more of our leading experts than ever before as well as enabling you to build a holistic view of our organisation. So you'll have all the support and opportunity you need to unlock your full potential.

    Length: 2 years

Additional Opportunities

  • Industrial Placement Our Industrial Placements offer an excellent opportunity for those studying a four year course to gain valuable experience and get involved in our policy, research and operational work. The placements run for 13 months, during which you'll be doing real work in a team as well as having regular training and events with your Industrial Placement cohort.
  • Future Capability Programme If you're due to finish school, university is far from your only option. Take our Future Capability Programme for example. We designed it to help talented young people get started in their careers, and it could see you grow in a number of key roles.
  • African-Caribbean Scholarship The scholarship offers financial support to students from Black or Mixed African or Caribbean backgrounds who will be starting their undergraduate degree courses at UK universities in the autumn of 2017.

Tips for applying

Start as you mean to go on: by making a positive impact, and really showing us what you can do. Here's how.

  • Research, research, research We want people who are eager to learn and serious about building a career at the heart of the UK economy. You'll also need to know what we do, share our purpose, and be genuinely motivated to join the Bank of England. Research the Bank, its values and the area you are applying to.
  • Preparation Think about questions that you may be asked in an interview. Practice competency and technical based questions with friends and family. Make sure you are prepared to give examples in an interview.
  • Be disability-confident The bank strongly encourages all candidates to be confident about disclosing their disability and candidates can be assured necessary adjustments will be made.

Your Plus

The Bank of England's mission is to promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom by maintaining monetary and financial stability. We want you to work together with us to maximise our impact.

  • Diverse and talented We attract and inspire the best people to public service, reflecting the diversity of the United Kingdom. We value your diverse ideas and open debate, while developing and empowering you to take initiative and make things happen.
  • Analytic Excellence We are at the forefront of research and analysis as a necessary part of our policies and actions. We want you to make creative use of the analytical tools and data sources to tackle the most challenging and relevant issues.
  • Outstanding Execution Our decisions and actions have influence and impact, both at home and abroad. We want you to promote co-ordinated, effective and inclusive policy decisions and reliable, expert execution in everything we do.
  • Open and Accountable We are understood, credible and trusted, so that our policies are effective. Transparent, independent and accountable to stakeholders, with efficient and economic delivery of our policies and actions.

Recruitment Adjustments

We are happy to make any adjustments that may be required by candidates, and understand that each individual is different and as such the adjustments we offer to candidates will be designed to work specifically for you.

  • Extra time We can provide extra time for all of our timed tests and for preparation time during our group assessment.
  • Dedicated point of contact You will have a dedicated point of contact assisting you with the process.
  • Larger font Assessment materials can be provided in a larger font.

Workplace Support

We are always happy to provide adjustments and individuals do not need to worry about any financial concerns when it comes to these. Below are some examples of adjustments and support we have previously provided to employees.

MyPlus Graduates

  • Usman Choudhry photo
    Usman Choudhry, Amanuensis to Visually Impaired Leader "The Bank is very supportive. When my speech problem was particularly bad they gave me leave to attend residential courses and paid towards the treatment costs."

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