My Resources makes engaging with disabled students easy. It provides you with the opportunity to engage with this talent pool and to market your organisation as an employer of choice for disabled students.

In addition to talking about your student opportunities, enables you to talk about the importance of disability to your organisation. You can talk about the support you offer during the recruitment process, how to access this, your disability networks and profile your disabled employees.

Find out more about partnering, sponsorship or advertising your opportunities by emailing or calling +44(0)1753 360 018.

The concept

In 2014, 10.7% of graduates had stated that they had a disability yet less than 2% of graduate jobs were filled by disabled applicants. This is hardly surprising considering the lack of support and practical advice available to this talent pool. provides students with a disability or long-term health condition with all the information they need as they apply for graduate jobs and go through the recruitment process. It specifically provides information which is relevant to them such as being open about their disability, requesting adjustments, accounting for gaps in their CV, a lack of work experience, etc.

Our clients

In the short time since was launched, a huge range of organisations from a variety of industry sectors have become listed on the website.

In addition to our 3 key sponsors, Barclays, EDF Energy and EY, these include Goldman Sachs, Airbus, Linklaters and National Grid.

Listed Organisations