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Selina Hundal

How did you get started in your career and what attracted you to a career at PwC?

I joined the Consulting graduate training programme at PwC in September 2012. I’d previously completed a Summer Internship in 2011 within Consulting and was really pleased to secure a graduate role when I finished my degree. I studied Accounting & Finance at Warwick University, and I first heard of PwC at the graduate recruitment events I attended, and through a number of my friends who were already working there. The events gave me the opportunity to learn more about the working environment and culture at PwC by talking to their people.

How has your employer helped you to do well at your workplace?

I have dyslexia, and I’ve been aware of it since I was 7. My needs have been accommodated throughout school and university. The support I’ve received from PwC started right from the point that I started my application and informed them of my dyslexia. At the assessment centre I was able to do most of my tests with extra time which is something I’ve always needed. When I joined, I had to complete a lot of training, which required a lot of reading which is something I struggle with. But after raising my concerns with the learning and development team, I was given material ahead of time so that I was able to read at my own pace, and again given extra time to complete certain tasks.

How do you manage your disability at work?

During my time at PwC now, I personally don’t require huge amounts of support to deal with my dyslexia. However I know there is help available through the PwC Disability network, and there’s always support if I need additional assistance. I know some people in the network have had their working environment altered to suit them i.e. particular software loaded onto their laptops in order to help them which I know is an option if I need it.

I’ve particularly found it useful as a new graduate that there are networks in place to provide help. I think, more than anything, it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone and there are other individuals at PwC dealing with the same issues as you are.

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Selina Hundal

Degree / Previous: Accounting & Finance at Warwick University

Year Joined / Path : 2012