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James Martin

How did you get started in your career and what drew you to Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

I started with Enterprise Rent-A-Car back in 1996, when we had only been open in the UK for 2 years. What drew me to the company in the first place was the opportunity to work in the USA as I was lucky enough to spend my first 18 months in Orlando, learning about the business whilst enjoying the sun and fun in Florida. It was a brilliant opportunity then and one I am still enjoying today!

What are your typical daily responsibilities?

I have worked in a number of roles at Enterprise, including Area Manager and Strategic Account Manager. I am now the Sales Communications Manager for the European and UK Sales Teams, based at our European Head Office in Egham. I and my team oversee the written communication for our Sales Teams’ efforts across Europe, including responding to domestic and global tenders and other written questions as well as compiling our sales PowerPoint presentations and formal proposals.

How do you manage your disability at work?

I have suffered with depression for a number of years. In 2009 this caused me to be absent from work, with my returning to a different position in the company – my current role. I have learned to manage my mental illness on a continual basis, using CBT techniques as well as ensuring that I structure my workload carefully which means I can be more proactive and productive. I have also found it to be very beneficial to be as open as possible about mental illness and I have become an advocate for more open discussions.

What can we do for colleagues who might be suffering a mental illness?

It is hugely important that we are as open as possible about mental illness in order to help remove the stigma that is attached to the problem and the best way to do this is to talk. We have had a number of events at our Head Office which have helped to break down some of these barriers and they are having a positive effect. By demonstrating that a mental illness can be treated as effectively as a physical illness and that people can return to work successfully, without being judged, we will give people hope when they need it most.

How would you describe the culture at Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

The culture at Enterprise stems from our Founding Values, which we endeavour to follow on a day to day basis. We work hard, have fun while doing so and we listen to our employees, making sure that each one is an integral part of our team.

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James Martin

National Marketing Manager

Year Joined / Path : 1996