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How has working at Motability Operations helped you?

Working at Motability Operations throughout the Scholarship Programme has given me a unique and diverse insight into the world of business. Over the course of my placement I was offered the opportunity to experience a variety of areas within the Customer Services department, including management, training, internal communications and forecasting.

Each area I was placed in made me feel welcome, valued and helped me to develop new knowledge and skills that will greatly enhance my employability prospects in the future. I also had numerous opportunities to experience other sections beyond my own, giving me a firm grasp of the different cogs and wheels that keep the business running.

How would you describe the programme at Motability Operations?

The Scholarship Programme is a rewarding challenge that allows you to work as part of an amazing team of people. It puts a great deal of trust in you, gradually giving more responsibility to carry out more complex tasks and projects as you become more confident in your abilities during the placement.

I would highly recommend Motability Operations. Combined with the organisation's purpose to provide help to its' customers, and the complex multi-layered business model, it is one of the most exciting and interesting companies to work and be part of.

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Degree / Previous: BA Geography

Year Joined / Path : 2014 Scholarship Programme