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Paolo Zeppetelli's Photo

Paolo Zeppetelli

Business / Diversity Analyst

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Ben Iles's Photo

Ben Iles

Assistant Tax Manager

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Dr Clair Pollard

Principal Clinical Psychologist

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Matthew Robert King O.B.E's Photo

Matthew Robert King O.B.E

Trainee Solicitor, Aviation and Travel Department, Stewarts Law, LLP

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Trev Nicholas's Photo

Trev Nicholas

Work Engineering Group

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Daniel's Photo


Vehicle Remarketing

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Gary's Photo


Java Developer

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Chris Waller's Photo

Chris Waller

Manager Operational Risk, Risk Division, Milton Keynes

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Owen Roberts's Photo

Owen Roberts

Interest Rate Trader

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Olu Ogbe's Photo

Olu Ogbe

Business Systems Analyst

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Kaleem Khan's Photo

Kaleem Khan

Vacation Scheme

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Robyn Mead's Photo

Robyn Mead

Business Support

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Giles Hutt's Photo

Giles Hutt

Professional Support Lawyer (Litigation)

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James Martin's Photo

James Martin

National Marketing Manager

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Dr Lizzy Finn's Photo

Dr Lizzy Finn

Executive, Digital Learning and Communications

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Goku Parmar's Photo

Goku Parmar

Global Markets Sales Analyst

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Mark Russell's Photo

Mark Russell

Executive - Capital Advisory Group

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Spring Week/Summer Intern

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Oleg Giberstein's Photo

Oleg Giberstein

Assistant Vice President

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Patrick Moran's Photo

Patrick Moran

Head of Information Security Enterprise Systems

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Pete Grace's Photo

Pete Grace

Service Delivery Manager

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Paul Clayton's Photo

Paul Clayton

Executive Assistant

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Keith Wellington's Photo

Keith Wellington

Senior Principal

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Tim Farr's Photo

Tim Farr

Outreach and Support Coordinator at the Back Up Trust

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Sophie Stowell's Photo

Sophie Stowell

Strategic Analyst

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Shehryar Rizvi's Photo

Shehryar Rizvi

Global Information Security – Security Operations – Chief Operating Office

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Becky Hill's Photo

Becky Hill

Owner, Director of Endeavour UK

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Usman Choudhry

Amanuensis to Visually Impaired Leader

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James Gower's Photo

James Gower

Consultant IT Adviser

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Sarah Hill's Photo

Sarah Hill

Operational Support

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Will Ramsay's Photo

Will Ramsay

Development Engineer (Trainee)

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Will Thoms's Photo

Will Thoms

Service Manager for Major Incident Management (Technology and Data Division)

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Karen Harris's Photo

Karen Harris

Training Department, EDF Energy, Hartlepool Power Station

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Ricky Vachhani's Photo

Ricky Vachhani

Consultant, Risk

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Mark Bush's Photo

Mark Bush

Principal Traffic Technology Engineer

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Tallulah Bygraves's Photo

Tallulah Bygraves

Teach First Ambassador & Selection Manager

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Lewis Judd's Photo

Lewis Judd

Graduate Engineer, Capital Delivery

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Emily Roe's Photo

Emily Roe

Global Markets Analyst

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Matt Short's Photo

Matt Short

Associate Solicitor

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Jonathan Young's Photo

Jonathan Young

Business Analyst

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William Young's Photo

William Young

Future Trainee

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Laura Wright's Photo

Laura Wright

Trainee Solicitor

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Lucy Freeman's Photo

Lucy Freeman

Teach First Ambassador

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Cesar Vargas-Razo

Senior Scientist

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Sam Latif's Photo

Sam Latif

IT Portfolio Manager

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Tia Shafee's Photo

Tia Shafee

Fast Stream Trainee - currently Customer Strategy Advisor

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Isaac Smith's Photo

Isaac Smith

Digital and Technology Fast Streamer

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Debs Bristow's Photo

Debs Bristow

Human Resources Manager

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Jenny Scott-Thompson's Photo

Jenny Scott-Thompson

Technology Consulting Manager

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Jessica 's Photo


Manager, Technology Solutions

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Hamzah Safwan's Photo

Hamzah Safwan

Knowledge Management Assistant

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Ross Hovey's Photo

Ross Hovey

Accessibility Manager

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Louis Jameson's Photo

Louis Jameson

Assistant Manager Group Disability Programme

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Sam Shires's Photo

Sam Shires

Business/Strategy Consultant

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Riyaz Hazi's Photo

Riyaz Hazi

Assistant Tax Advisor

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Larry Hughes

Group Chief Operating Office - Group Corporate Services, Executive Director, Regional Head of Relationship Management NEEMEA (Northern Europe, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

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Sarah Viner

Corporate Centre, Group General Counsel, Sales & Trading Legal, Executive Director, Head of London Documentation Unit.

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