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The Discussion Forum is structured around the GreatWithDisability toolkit to help contextualise discussions and to drive towards creating the most useful set of resources possible, for both Students and Organisations.

This section of the Discussion Forum is where you can raise all the questions you have about the recruitment process; from completing your application form, being open about your disability through to preparing for your final assessment centre. Equally you may wish to share a particularly good experience that you had with a certain employer. Join the Conversation
Questions about issues such as when to inform a potential employer about your disability or how to ensure you the correct adjustments are implemented for you during the recruitment process can be raised in this area of the Discussion Forum. You may also wish to share how you approached a certain issue and provide advice for others. Join the Conversation
If you want to find out more about careers events specifically designed for disabled students, or wish to provide your feedback on such an event, this is the area of the Discussion Forum to do so. Join the Conversation